How to Become a Professional Online Marketer (Your Comprehensive Guide 2022)

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 In a world where e-marketing has become the most important and best channel in the world of marketing, the job of an e-marketer has become one of the most important jobs ever.

If your goal is to become a professional e-marketer, this indicates that you are a conscious person and aware of the changes happening around you in the world of marketing, and this also means that you are in the right place.

In this guide, I have collected the most important things you need to become a professional in digital marketing. Whatever your place is on the path to professional e-marketing, and even if you are at the beginning of the road, this article is suitable for you.

Also, if you are a business owner and looking for a professional online marketer, this article will give you a complete idea of ​​the criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing.

My goal here is to help you not to fall into the same mistakes you made in the past, and to give you a map that will shorten you a lot of time, effort and financial investment on your way to becoming a professional online marketer.


Who is a professional e-marketer?

The term e-marketer is derived from the term e-marketing, and in order to understand who an e-marketer is, we must first understand e-marketing.

Although I have made a comprehensive topic that explains the idea of ​​e-marketing, and the most important sources of learning it, I will explain the idea briefly here.

E-Marketing: Means the use of the Internet in the marketing process of a product, service, content or anything else. The word electronic here refers to the technology of the Internet.

If you have a fast food restaurant, you can make print ads and distribute them to the residents of the area, or you can make ads on one of the television channels, this is called traditional marketing.

But if you create a page on Facebook, for example, and try to market your restaurant through it, or you buy paid visitors from Google, then you are using e-marketing to promote your restaurant.

E-marketer: is the person who specializes in the work of electronic marketing (or marketing through the Internet).

The e-marketer is the one who manages the project’s pages on social networking sites, who conducts advertising campaigns to promote a product on the Internet, who builds marketing strategies through the Internet, analyzes the results and makes marketing decisions.

It should be noted here that there are dozens of specialized jobs for the e-marketer, and this is evident in large projects and websites.

There are those who are responsible for analyzing the data only, and those who are responsible for improving the site's ranking in search engines...etc. The number of e-marketers for one site or one organization may exceed dozens of employees.

Professional e-marketer: A person who works in the field of e-marketing and has practical experience in it. He is a person who specializes in a specific point, but has knowledge and experience about the rest of e-marketing functions.

Essentials for every beginner marketer

As we mentioned in the opening of the article that this article is suitable for everyone, so let's start from scratch, let us answer the question “What do I want to start my career as an online marketer?”

Here are the basic requirements that you must have in order to start your journey as an online marketer:

1- Professional email and follow-up constantly

The first thing you must have in order to start your journey as an e-marketer, is to have an email address. You must have a dedicated work email address, and it must be constantly checked and read incoming messages. E-mail is the first and most professional means of communication between you and the outside world on the Internet.

Any site you will register with or a service you will subscribe to on the Internet, e-mail will be the primary requirement and the first means of communication. The Gmail email service provided by Google is a great option, choose a professional address that does not contain numbers or incomprehensible symbols.

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2- An instant messaging and calling service, such as Skype

You must have a means of direct communication and instant messaging, this is very important, especially in the field of commission marketing, but in general, in many cases, you will need to make an instant conversation to discuss anything in your field of work.

Skype here is the most popular instant communication method in the business field.

3- Reasonable level of knowledge of English

You must be at least an acceptable level in your understanding of the English language, because most of the content on the Internet is in English. English is the language of technology in general and the language of the Internet in particular. In fact, you cannot ignore the importance of the English language in every work related to the Internet.

My advice to you here is not to let this stop you, whatever your level of English you can develop, and the great thing is that you can learn and develop your English through the Internet with ease.

4- The ability to use search engines, especially Google

From my personal point of view, your success as an online marketer depends mainly on this point. If there was one sentence I had to help someone learn anything, it would definitely be “Learn and go back to using the Google search engine.”

Any idea, question or curiosity that comes to your mind, and you need to know about it, you will find in Google sites that deal with it and talk about it. Any question that comes to your mind, write it in Google, you will find an answer to it, or at least you will reach the end of the thread.

Search and search with different words and different phrases until you find what you want.

At first you will feel distracted, because of the many results that will appear with each search.

But over time, you will learn to differentiate between good sites and sites that don't offer real value, and you will learn how to get what you want more eas

5- An organized archive of important data, information and files

Every online marketer begins to form with Rafa and enters the depth, he has a lot of information and a large amount of important and useful sites, but sometimes he wants to return to any information he knows but fails to remember its place.

Here, the smart e-marketer must have an archive, whether on text or excel files, or have a paper agenda, in which he writes down all the important sites and information that are useful in his work.

Personally, I used to have an agenda while I was working, in which I write my notes or any important information, and write a summary of my work plan for the next week, this is of course in addition to the Word and Excel files stored on the computer, so there are no problems with the stored information.

Here we also recommend taking a copy on another device of everything important you have on the computer, because it is possible that a technical problem will occur to your device, and all the data on it will be lost.

6- A professional account on LinkedIn

Just as each of you has a Facebook account in order to connect with friends, there is also a social networking site called LinkedIn.

This site specializes in business, through it you can get to know people in your field as an online marketer, and through it you can get a lot of important sources and information about your business, also through it you can get a job as an online marketer.

The goal of including this part is not to put a magnifier on the problems that you may face in your work as an online marketer, but the goal is to make you aware of the challenges that you may face. Here is a list of the most common problems that you may encounter as an online marketer:

technical problems

The world of the Internet is completely dependent on technology, and in most of its aspects it works automatically, as it is executing orders that specialized programmers have set in advance. In fact, this technology may contain some technical errors that are disrupting your work.


For example, as the owner of the Winners website, I expect at any time that there will be some technical problems in the hosting on which I host my site, and this will hinder my site from loading when any user tries to visit it.

Problems with external sources that you depend on

Your work as an online marketer sometimes requires the assistance of some people in order to provide you with some tasks for a fee, for example, as the owner of the Winners website, the nature of my work requires the help of a person who specializes in website development, in order to help me develop my site.

In fact, we may encounter problems because of the failure of those we rely on to perform some of the required tasks, or we may encounter problems because of our poor selection of these people in the first place.

Problems related to the source of direct profit

Perhaps if you work with an affiliate company in marketing its offers or products, you may encounter a problem with their refusal of the type of visitors you get or your method of marketing, or if you work, for example, as a product or service owner, you may encounter problems related to payment, or that Someone deceives you and deceives you.

How to deal with your problems like a professional online marketer

First, I want to tell you a very important fact:

Your way of dealing with the problems you face as an online marketer is what determines the losses or gains that you will get out of these problems, remember that there is always a positive side to everything that happens with you.

Follow these tips to learn how to deal with your problems as a professional online marketer, and how to view them as challenges that you can overcome:

See your problems as an opportunity for advancement, an opportunity for development, and an opportunity for knowledge

Remember that your problems are just experiences from which you will emerge more knowledgeable and more experienced. For example, the problems that you may encounter that you have no control over, they may represent an opportunity to make you recalculate some wrong choices, and perhaps it is nature's call for you to separate from the work atmosphere and take a break.

Or it may represent an opportunity to develop your skills, by reading or participating in one of the courses on e-marketing on the Internet.

2- Always remember that every problem you will face has a solution

The professional e-marketer is the one who does nothing to stop him. He has experience that makes him sure that every problem can be solved. As an online marketer, your business depends primarily on the Internet, and the great thing is that the solution to every problem you may encounter is also on the Internet.

3- Keep producing

Whatever the situation, there is something to do even in times of trouble. Yes, waiting is the norm in many situations.

But the main question here is what should you do in these waiting periods?

The typical answer is to keep producing, even if that production is to harvest some information that will make you better.

4- Have the courage, flexibility and ability to change course

We mentioned that the concept of online marketer is a general concept under which many specializations fall. Sometimes your success may depend on changing or modifying your specialization, perhaps the specialty you chose was not the best for you.

For example, I worked for more than 4 years as an affiliate marketer, although I made very good profits from that, but I did not feel real success until I started my own project, which is the winners.

How to Become a Professional E-Marketer (Tips and Important Points)

In this part, we will include a set of points and tips that will enable you as an online marketer to move to the professional stage.

1- Continuing to learn everything new

You should know that as an online marketer, you are working in a changing field and every day there is something new, here it should be Your motto is always the desire to learn more about your field and constantly evolve, and to try to see the latest developments in your field.

You have to be well aware that in the world of e-marketing, stopping learning means leaving the field.

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2- The ability to be creative and innovative

The professional e-marketer must possess a creative vision and the ability to innovate. In fact, it is often only creative and innovative marketers who can achieve exceptional results.

The good news here is that you do not need to be a genius inventor to achieve this, but simple things can make you innovative, such as combining two marketing strategies together, for example, or being flexible in thinking about achieving your marketing goals.

3- The ability to build good relationships

In fact, no matter what your capabilities as an online marketer are, and whatever your experience, you will definitely need others. Put before you the fact that you will not succeed on your own. A piece of information from a friend in the same field may change the course of your work completely, and a new acquaintance with someone with the same interests may represent an opportunity for your lifetime project.


If you do not have enough relationships now, it is okay to start building them, an event like the Arab Affiliate Summit may represent the beginning of the way for you to build good relationships with other online marketers.

4- The ability to focus on the smallest details

E-marketing mainly depends on technology that is data-driven. An error in some input changes the result dramatically.

Therefore, as a professional online marketer, you must have a special ability to focus, and pay attention to details, because the error here means a loss or loss of a profitable opportunity.

5- The ability to experiment and implement new ideas

Information is a very important element, but ideas and information without implementation and implementation will not benefit its owner in anything. The professional e-marketer is able to implement his ideas, and is able to constantly experiment with new ideas.

6- The ability to benefit from external sources

Outsourcing is the secret of the success of every professional e-marketer. We have already mentioned that there are many specializations in the field of e-marketing.

Sometimes, especially if you have your own business, you need more than your own marketing skills. In this case, in order to achieve the desired results in the fastest time and with the highest quality, you should outsource some tasks for your work.

The wonderful thing about marketing on the Internet, is that there is a large sector of those who work in this field, providing tasks to others for a specified fee (freelancers), and there are specialized platforms on which you can find these freelancers, including:


This is a site that specializes in providing microservices whose price starts at $5.


This is a very small business platform.


This is another medium to large job site that works in auction mode.

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Given the importance of Fiverr in particular as the best and most popular freelance platform.

It is worth noting here that, as an online marketer, you can use service providers through these platforms, and on the other hand, you can work with these platforms as a free marketing service provider.

7- The ability to use tools intelligently

Tools are the secret that makes the field of e-marketing accessible to everyone, you will find tools in everything you can imagine to help you in your work as an online marketer.

In fact, knowing that the tool is here sometimes represents the difference between success and failure. One tool can save you months of work, and another tool may save you hours of daily work.


In the end, I hope that this article will be an important resource for anyone who wants to become a professional online marketer.

I am happy to receive your comments on the topic, also do not forget to share the topic with your friends so that the benefit will prevail.

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