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Top 5 Effective Ways to Use Twitter Trends in Marketing


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Social media trends in general are one of the most important tools for a successful marketer. Twitter in particular is one of the important social networking sites that we must take advantage of in the digital marketing process.

Many public figures in all fields have verified accounts on the Twitter platform. Therefore, it is a very important source for the latest news and updates in general. In addition, the Twitter platform has a lot of tools and features that help a lot in spreading the news.

Since marketing is its primary goal is to promote or spread, so we can say that the Twitter platform is one of the most important platforms that must be exploited in the marketing process to take advantage of the characteristics it gives to its users.

One of the most important of these tools and characteristics is the “Trend” feature, which is considered a free advertisement in the marketing process. What is the trend? And how can it be exploited in the marketing process in a successful way?

This article will answer these questions, in addition to displaying 5 effective methods that are one of the most important pillars of the marketing process on the Twitter platform.

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What is a trend?

The word “Trend” literally translates to “the trend”, but its meaning in marketing or in the digital world means the popular topic, or the thing that concerns people at the present time and draws their attention.

This is used in marketing in general to reach the target audience and their interests easily, depending on the field of the product or service being provided.

This must be in line with the interests of the target audience, for example, if your audience is the mother or the child, you must certainly take advantage of all the trends that occur and concern the family in general.

To bring the concept and its importance deeper, we give an example of the emergence of the Corona virus. Of course, it has become the trend that most grabs the public's attention, and therefore there is a very good opportunity to exploit it in advertising.

If your audience is interested, for example, in the field of business and business management, any title related to business and the impact of the Corona crisis on it will certainly draw their attention.

As for the importance of following the trend, it lies in the fact that the publication that is published on Twitter and has the hashtag that expresses the trend, it appears before the interested audience by simply searching for the word or phrase of the hashtag.

What are Twitter trends?

Perhaps when you watch or hear any talk show or even on news bulletins, you find a specific tweet by a celebrity that was circulated and based on the news or dialogue.

Also, when you follow any creator, you find that they are very interested in the most popular topic on Twitter, or what is known as a trend.

So, the definition of Twitter trends are the common topics spread on Twitter, which people are generally interested in in all fields.

One of the most important features of the Twitter platform is the presence of an algorithm that identifies the most popular topic that people are actively trading on their personal accounts on the platform.

In your Twitter account, you can enter the Explore section located in the left part of the home page if your account is in English, or “discover” for accounts in Arabic.

When you click on it, the platform will show you the latest topics related to your country. These topics appear in the form of topics with a “hashtag” attached at the end, which is a group of words preceded by a # sign that separates each word from the word _.

The hashtag will show you everything related to it from tweets that have been circulated to certain people, or even news related to this hashtag. And if you want to know the most popular topics, even if they are outside your interests, you can click on “Trending” at the top of the Explore page.

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5 Ways to Use Twitter Trends in Marketing

The importance of Twitter trends is that they give a clear view to all marketers of people's interests, what occupies the world and what attracts their attention.


Therefore, we will present the top 5 ways in which this important tool can be used in marketing in general for any product or service that you provide.

1. Choose the trends that interest your field

Of course, not everything that is popular matters, today a popular topic may be an incident somewhere, but it only caught people's attention for hours.

So, it does not work for you to take advantage of this trend unless your product or service is related to it, or for example you are interested in marketing a newspaper, so everything that happens from the news is always an important trend for you.

So, following Twitter trends in general is a good way, but choosing what is related to your niche is the closest way to the right marketing.

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2. Talk to your audience about popular trends

Let's say you are responsible for marketing a brand directed to the Saudi market, and we are in the month of September. So, the most important occasion in Saudi Arabia this month is the Saudi National Day, which falls on September 23.

Of course, you will find all the hashtags that are trending in Twitter searches for this day.

If you are responsible for promoting a brand that addresses the Saudi community, it is best to use the occasion of the Saudi National Day to create a campaign with big discounts and attractive offers to the public.

It is also possible to prepare content related to information about this day, or to revive specific memories of the Saudi community related to this day. With all the hashtag related to the celebration attached.

This method ensures that you at least interact from your interested audience on the marketing content on Twitter, and can attract new customers who may turn into profitable sales opportunities.

Sharing the most important topics of interest to your audience, and interacting with important events can give an opportunity for Twitter as a platform to put your page in the first search results within the platform itself, especially those topics that are local or of interest to your customers.

3. Use the trends to determine the keywords

Trending topics on Twitter not only show you what your audience is interested in, but it is also a very important tool for setting a specific vision in identifying the most important keywords that your target audience is searching for.

When you find a trend or a hashtag A specific product that people are always searching for, through which you can access the most important keywords that you will use in your marketing content.

Also, the most searched tweets and considered the best for a wide range of audiences, can be used to extract more than one keyword for a particular topic.

This is definitely a very useful method if you intend to do a paid advertising campaign, especially one that is based on Pay Per Click or what is known as PPC.

This method can be applied to Twitter and any other social media platform that interests your audience or benefits your brand.

4. Make Twitter trends an inspiration for your marketing content

Oftentimes, with continuous work, the ideas we use to create marketing content that will attract the audience and promote the brand come to a halt. Content creators, whether visual, written or even audio, need an inspirational source for new ideas.

Since Twitter is a platform that is interested in what's trending and people in general, make it a source of inspiration for you as a marketer. Especially since what is shown in the trends section or what is popular on the platform is a real topic that most people talk about and occupy their interest in.

This is evident in relation to current events around the world, so whatever your audience is, whether local or global, you will of course find ideas that talk about them and attract your audience's attention to them.

But it is not required here that it is your duty to write about everything that is popular even if it is not related to your field, but here we mean the use of the common trend in creating ideas, which will help you to attract attention faster.


For example, the Olympic Games and the victories and events that drew attention. You don't have to be in the sports field to talk about it.

But through the latest tweets and trends, it is possible to extract ideas for new topics related to your field and carry a specific hashtag among the most popular hashtags.

5. Take a stand for a specific issue

There is a general rule that some marketers implement, which is not to engage in any general issues at the political or religious level, so as not to fall into the trap of sharp differences of opinion that may lose them a lot of the audience interested in their brand.

This method is very good, but you must differentiate, dear marketer, between delving into a personal opinion on a particular issue, and raising issues that concern people.

But dear marketer, you should use the topic in a smarter way. Do not take a political or religious position on a particular event, but if you find a very important trend that preoccupies millions of people, you must address the situation.

Let's give an example to make the topic clearer. When a specific explosion or incident caught the attention of a wide range of people, especially at the global level, its hashtag became the most popular for a certain period.

Here, your position can be to offer condolences to the public for the victims or losses that resulted from the accident, and you can also provide assistance to those affected if the situation allows.

Likewise, when the country of the target audience wins a certain championship, say, in football, for example, or in other sports, of course, congratulations on this event will add a lot to you, as well as offering offers and discounts on the occasion of this happy event.

Then you have to take a stand on any issue that occupies public opinion in a smart way that is in the interest of your brand.

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So, dear reader, in order to benefit from Twitter trends in achieving your marketing goals and getting closer to your target audience, you must ask 4 questions and look for their answers.

These four questions are:

What are the most popular Twitter trends at the moment?

What are the most attractive Twitter trends to my target audience?

How can Twitter trends be used to create important content for the audience?

What are the keywords that can be extracted from these trends?

By answering these four questions, you will ensure the creation of effective marketing content that achieves good results, whether at the level of interaction on social media pages, or even at the level of promotional or sales for your brand.

We are happy to share with you previous experiences of using Twitter trends in marketing, or even if there is a new way you want to add to the topic… Share with us in the comments.

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