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11 traits your blog must have in order to be successful


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There are millions of blogs on the Internet in almost all languages ​​of the world, but a very small percentage of these blogs are the ones that follow the methods of profit from blogging correctly or achieve their goal in general.

Many bloggers do not know much about the specifications of a successful blog… they think that the matter is limited to writing some articles about the most important keywords in the blog field and that is the end of that.

This is the main reason why most of them fail in blogging… This is why you see many of them saying “Blogging has become a thing of the past – the competition is tough – I invest money in my blog and I don’t get a return – I don’t get any clients from behind the blog – I don’t make enough profit from the blog.” .

And many other phrases of complaint, many of which come to us here on the winners through messages and comments.

That is why I am writing these lines now; Through which I would like to take you on a simple journey in the world of blogging to get acquainted with me with all the information and secrets that successful bloggers struggle with… so that you become like them.


Here are the specifications of a successful blog that we will talk about in the next few minutes:

The content of the blog is in line with its purpose.

The content of the blog is written on the basis of studying the personality of the ideal customer.

Writing content appropriate to the stage of purchase that the visitor is going through.

Pay attention to the 5 main elements of writing any blog or article on the Internet.

Adjust the content to increase the CTR of each article.

Creating content around keywords that bring in profits while keeping the competition in mind.

The presence of the personal touch in the content.

The blog content is exclusive and original.

Exploiting social networking sites to properly promote the blog.

Clarity of the blog structure and ease of search.

Using the blog to build a strong brand that the visitor can trust.

We'll talk in detail about each of these qualities, and I'll give you plenty of practical examples, information, and tips that will help you put what you've learned into practice.

You will find all this presented in a very simple and easy way that suits anyone, regardless of their level of blogging... That is why I advise you to read this entire article and not just be satisfied with the titles.

We agreed? Let's get started then!

Characteristics of a successful blog

1. The content of the blog is in line with its purpose

Why do you have a blog on the Internet? Are you seeking to:

Profit from the blog directly through ads or affiliate marketing?

Promote your company's services and bring in new clients?

Promote your services in the field of self-employment?

Increase sales in your online store?

Selling digital products such as (books - courses) and others?

Each of the previous goals has a certain way of creating content, you can never have a successful blog without following this important rule… Let me give you some examples.

Let's say you own a web design company, in your opinion which of the following types of content are best for you:

Comparing your company and the prices it offers with other companies.

Post tips and information on best practices for web design.

Publish articles explaining how your company designs websites professionally.

If you choose the quality of the second content… you are right and you fully understand what I am aiming for… the first and third content will not bring you new customers.

Rather, the second content that addresses anyone looking for how to design a professional website, when he visits your blog and sees how much information you have published and benefits from it …

He will look at the links to the services you offer, and may consider contracting with your company because you have benefited him … because you have provided him with honest useful information without asking him for anything in return.

Let's continue on the previous example, suppose you own a blog to profit from affiliate marketing from web design software and tools... In this case, the first content in the previous example is best for you.

This is the type of content I mean... and we'll talk more about understanding your customers, and how to create content that works for them during the next element.

2. The content of the blog is written on the basis of studying the personality of the ideal customer

One of the most important characteristics of a successful blog is that each piece of content published on it targets a specific customer personality and addresses them in the appropriate way.

I highly recommend you to review the “How to Create Your Ideal Customer Personality” guide, which contains all the information, tools, and explanations you need with practical examples.

If you do that, you will know exactly what I mean by how to create content that addresses a specific person, tries to treat his problems and pains, and helps him achieve his goals.


3. Writing content that fits the purchase stage the visitor is going through

In the guide on how to create digital content that we previously published on the winners, the following image was used to clarify the stages of purchase that the customer goes through and their importance in the content industry.

Buyer's Journey Step by Step

As you can see, anyone who buys anything new goes through these three stages (awareness - thinking - making the decision to buy) ... and in each stage the way he searches and consumes content varies.

If you look at any successful blog in any industry, you will find that it covers the customer’s need at every stage… especially if the goal of the blog is to sell services and products.

Keep these stages in mind... Put yourself in the customer's place and imagine yourself going through each stage, and try to discover the questions and topics that revolve in the customer's mind... By doing so, you create distinctive content that achieves your goals.

Never underestimate this step, give it a try and you will see the results for yourself.

4. Pay attention to the 5 main elements to write any blog or article on the Internet

There are 5 elements to writing any online article; she:

Address (Headline)




What is required of the visitor (CTA - Call To Action)

Each element must be taken special care of, the title must be attractive, and the introduction must give the reader a reason to continue reading, especially if you tell him that the benefit is limited.

t will return it.

As for the body of the content, it must be organized and organized using elements and sub-headings with reference to numbers and important information in the article.

As for the summary, it is only a reminder of some of the information in the guide along with providing some useful advice or information. As for the fifth element, we have talked about it previously, all you have to know when to use it in the article.

We have published a previous guide entitled “How to Write Content” in which we talked about the previous elements in detail with a lot of examples and practical information, in addition to talking about other important information such as choosing the voice of the brand.

I advise you to read it in its entirety … then read this article again to see and analyze for yourself how we use these elements in practice.

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5. Adjust the content to increase the CTR of each article

CTR is an acronym for Click Through Rate, which is the ratio of clicks on search results to the number of impressions you get.

So let's say, for example, that there are 1,000 who found a specific article in the search results, so how many of them will click on the article's link... The previous ratio is the CTR.

If you did not know, the CTR Google relies on in evaluating content, it is one of the factors that search engine algorithms use in ranking results.

All you need to increase the click rate of your articles in search engines is the following:

Follow the SEO rules in general to try to get your articles to the first page.

Adjust the title so that it contains (numbers - strong and influential words - the current year to prove that the content is new).

You can adjust the content description “the words you find under each result on the search page”, as many people read this information until you decide to click on the page link or not.

Try to use some keywords and influencer words to show anyone the benefit they will get if they look at your article.

There is no specific size for the description, but it is preferable not to exceed (120: 158) characters, according to the search results on Google... If you look closely, you will find that Google puts only 120 characters for the description in the results on the phone and 158 characters on the desktop.

Regarding powerful words; You can use, for example, “secrets – strategies – steps – obstacle – problem – solution – did you know” and others.

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6. Create content around keywords that bring in profits while keeping in mind the competition

I think you know very well the basic principles of searching for keywords in the right way, and know the difference between long-tail keywords and short ones.

Creating content around profitable keywords intelligently is - in my personal opinion - the most important characteristics of a successful blog… Let me explain to you.

Suppose you have a company working in the field of car insurance, if you search well on the search engines, you will find that the words “how to insure cars - car insurance” have the largest search rate, and also have the highest CPC - Cost Per Click for advertisers and therefore the most competitive words .

If you search well, you will find other words revolving around the same topic, but they have less search volume and competition, such as:

How to calculate car insurance.

Types of car insurance.

Car insurance policy terms.

I wonder which keywords you should target and focus on first, are the big words with greater search and high competition … or create content around the words that are smaller in search but easy to compete.

If your blog is somewhat new, then you will definitely go to the second option ... If you do and provide excellent content, you will gain Google's trust over time, and thus you will get more visits ... and more profits at the lowest costs.

Think this way when you write any article on your blog until you find the words that are profitable, that relate to the main topic you are talking about and that your customers are looking for and at the same time have little competition.

7. The presence of the personal touch in the content

When you tell a simple story or talk about your personal experiences or rely on humor sometimes the reader relates to you more … because he will make sure that you are someone like him and not just an electronic illusion that he does not see.

He will know that you understand him well, share the same journey with him and really want to help him… This is the point of any article you publish on your blog; That people trust you and therefore your candidacies, services and products.

Try using this personal touch in your articles and you will see a noticeable difference in the results...believe me, this tip is from personal experience.

8. The blog content is exclusive and original

The most important characteristics of a successful blog is to publish exclusive and original content, not to recycle various articles and information spread on the Internet.

Even if you talk on your blog about the same topics that are already there… you must provide new and different information, you must have a different personality and a different voice.

Look at this article you are reading now... Do you think we are the first to talk about it in the Arab or even foreign web... Of course not, but if you compare for yourself between what we and others offer, you will see a big difference.

You will see how we present the information in our own style and use pictures, explanations and practical examples in our own way... In many cases, we do studies and statistics in order to provide unique information.

Put in more effort, think outside the box, and publish content that deserves to be on your blog... It's worth the reader to waste a few minutes of their precious time... Then you will see amazing results.

9. Exploiting social networking sites to promote the blog properly

It is not possible for any successful blog not to have accounts on social networking sites such as “Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest - Linkedin.” These sites represent an important source of traffic.


Let me stress that you should not be pushy or use provocative tactics like “go to my blog” and leave comments in every group or page to promote yourself.

Do not do that, but provide the benefit and useful information to your followers, whether on your personal accounts or anywhere else, as I mentioned earlier, go yourself to our Instagram account to see for yourself.

10. The blog structure is clear and easy to search

Any successful blog has a detailed main menu that contains the content sections and shows the main pages that most visitors need, especially if they sell products and services.

Segmentation of a blog well is easy and simple, yet many bloggers do not pay attention to it despite its importance in improving blog visit time (Dwell time).

You should also pay attention to the bottom part of the blog (Footer) so that you put the contact information, and the important pages that you want all visitors to find all the time.

11. Using the blog to build a strong brand that the visitor can trust

Why do you think that I always speak on behalf of our "seo7u" site whenever I get the chance...or why do I tell you about the sources, evidence and explanations that we previously published constantly throughout the article?

Do you think I just want you to go read it or do I want you to always remember Brand Seo7u, to trust us as your main source of reliable, complete information?

Do you know that one of the managers at Google said one day that “brands are the solution” when they asked him how to rank search results and overcome misinformation.

It is not only visitors who are looking for strong brands that they trust ... even Google itself searches for these brands in order to publish them more in search results and provide users with reliable information.

The brand is not just using certain colors or fonts permanently... The brand is a large entity that has a purpose, vision and a special character that everyone who deals with it feels.

That is why you have to create a strong brand for yourself from day one in order to have a successful blog.

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If you look closely at the ranking of the specifications of the successful blog that we talked about, you will find that it covers 3 main aspects:

How to create content

How to properly use SEO

How to build a brand around a blog

These aspects are the main pillars on which any blog that wants to achieve success and have an effective presence in the limitless Internet space depends.

And after you got to know these aspects in detail, all that remains now is the implementation … start now and do not waste any more time, there are a lot of profits and customers waiting for you.

I wish you good luck, and see you soon!



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