Best online earning blogs (20 Blogs That Will Make You Rich)


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Making money from the Internet is one of the most important topics that everyone is looking for these days. Everyone is tempted by the lifestyle of winners, and wants to work in a field such as e-commerce, affiliate work, freelance work or e-marketing.

By and large you are one of those people as long as you are reading this article, don't worry you have come to the right place, we will provide you with a treasure trove of blogs and information.

In this article, we will introduce you to the most famous blogs for making money from the Internet, which are interested in the areas that are most profitable and in demand at these times.

You will find blogs specialized in all branches of making money from the Internet, while you will find other blogs specialized in e-marketing, SEO, e-commerce or others, which are essential pillars for building an online business and making money from the Internet.

20 of the best blogs for profit from the Internet is what this distinguished article will present to you, and for the truth I reveal many of my secrets with them, these sites are what I derive from my information and strategies that I use.


These blogs will help you to develop your skills and abilities. The basis of making money from the Internet - and I mean here the real, fixed type of profit, not gambling - is to have skills, services or products that you provide to those who need them.

The content provided by these blogs is written by the best experts in their fields, and is inspired by years and sometimes decades of experience in these fields, which makes them add years of experience to your experiences just by reading and learning from them.

1. Neil Patel's Blog

Neil Patel is a brand in itself in many areas of profit from the Internet, such as e-marketing, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and others.

His blog is one of the most popular and visited blogs on the Internet. He has millions of visitors per month without any exaggeration, and his profits from them reach fabulous amounts.

Neil discusses many topics on his blog from social media and marketing, and how to succeed in attracting traffic to your site or store, in addition to SEO.

It also discusses e-commerce, sales and affiliate strategies, as well as dozens of other topics.

I especially like this blog because the article style is easy, simple and doable, it takes care of teaching you how to do what you want with clear practical steps like we do here at Winners.

Another special thing about this blog is that it has a lot of articles that discuss minor or minor things that you might not have thought of, but that have a very big impact on the performance of your marketing process or the performance of your site and store.

I am very confident that once you get into the habit of reading Neil's articles, your earnings will increase dramatically within a few weeks.

You will also find his YouTube channel, Neil Patel, in which you will find many explanations and short lessons that will amaze you and teach you many new things.

2. HubSpot Blog

HubSpot is one of the big names in the e-marketing field that you must have heard of the great tools they offer or the helpful articles on their blog.

HubSpot's blog is divided into four main parts:

Marketing Marketing.


Services Service.

Website Website.

Each part of this blog deals with a number of niche topics and has its own target audience, but in this article we are particularly interested in marketing and sales blogs.


In these two blogs there are hundreds of very important articles written by the best experts in their fields, and I am not exaggerating when I say that some of these articles are unparalleled on the Internet.

Personally, I follow them through Google Alerts to regularly read their latest articles.

And there is something that many people do not know is that Hubspot has an academy that provides many useful courses for free, and some of them are with a certificate.

Most of these courses are in the areas of marketing and sales, which is a very useful and necessary experience if you are a beginner and want to learn e-marketing.

3. Moz . Blog

If there was one blog that I would choose in order to learn about SEO and learn everything new it would definitely be Moz Blog.

It is the most famous and most important SEO blog, and it offers a lot of very useful content for beginners and professionals alike.

No wonder the company is primarily dedicated to providing SEO tools and solutions. A lot of professionals in this field owe her a lot of credit for having the best SEO articles on the internet.

If you are interested in this field, it will be necessary to go through all the directories provided by the site and to follow the articles that are constantly published on the site, as well as follow the Moz channel on YouTube, where you will find many useful explanations.

The blog is characterized by containing articles and explanations for the most accurate and specialized matters in the field, so even if you are a professional, you will benefit a lot from it.

4. ahrefs blog

The next blog on our list is ahrefs blog, one of the best on the internet to learn and master digital marketing and SEO.

The blog specializes in providing distinguished content in SEO, and in various areas of marketing such as traditional marketing, e-marketing, affiliate marketing, and even paid marketing.

The blog publishes one or two new articles per week, and based on my personal experience, you should devote time to read what is published on it, as most of the articles I read were very useful.

The blog publishes many important studies in the field, such as its famous study of analyzing more than 2 million Snippets, or its study of more than 1.4 billion long keywords.

What I like a lot about a hrefs The articles are fun, no matter what you learn the writing style is unique and at times very funny, which I haven't found in any other online earning blogs.

Also, do not miss to follow the explanations of Ahrefs channel on YouTube, it has helped me personally a lot.

5. ProBlogger Blog

The blog that we are going to talk about now is a blog that talks about blogging and blogging, ProBlogger blog is one of the best and most popular blogs ever on the internet regarding these topics.

It has been in existence since 2004, and since then it has been providing a lot of help to tens of thousands of bloggers around the world.


Because of these many years of the blog, its articles and articles have exceeded 8 thousand articles, a very astonishing number.

Articles will come in handy if you are a blogger, content writer or freelancer who provides writing services, as they have treasures that you will not find anywhere else.

If you have a blog, I am sure that after reading some of these articles, you will make much more profit, and you will grow like never before.

6. Buffer's Blog

Buffer is a very popular social media brand, and the tools it offers for analytics and scheduling of social media posts are well known.

The blog contains many articles in the field of social media, analytics, video marketing, content creation, self-development, and increasing interaction on various social media platforms.

The blog is very special when it comes to articles that specifically address social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Although the number of articles you provide is much less than the blogs we have already talked about, it is worth following and reading everything that is published on them.

7. SEMRush's Blog

SEMrush is a very well known name in the e-marketing field, and the tools they offer are very popular and used among marketers and often the most used in the market.

As for her blog, it is one of the most important blogs in the fields of paid advertising, search engine optimization, content marketing and social media.

The team of this blog is very active, they have written more than 3000 articles, and they publish about one every day, as well as there are many famous names who write these articles, to name but not limited to Gael Breton.

The beauty of their articles is that they are usually steps or tips and secrets that you can apply immediately to get better results and profits.

Start reading one of their articles that you like the title of, and I am sure that you will be addicted to this blog and follow all its newness.

8. Smart Passive Income Blog

This blog is one of the most popular blogs ever concerned with making money from the Internet, and since it was launched in the year 2008 it is a phenomenon on the Internet.

This blog helps you to start profiting from the Internet in all possible ways, and it shares important tools and strategies that will make it easier for you.

The blog or the content provided by its owner Pat Flynn is generally very special, especially with regard to affiliate or affiliate marketing and digital business management.

I say it with confidence, if you only spend half an hour a day for a month and a half to read blog articles, you will shorten yourself a year’s experience, and you will know secrets that many people in this field may not know.


The blog is also a real example of profit from the Internet, as it earns about 100,000 dollars at least per month from selling the digital products that you market to.

9. Millo . Blog

Millo's Blog is also one of the most popular blogs on the Internet that lends a helping hand to freelancers on various freelance platforms.

It offers many articles that help beginners understand the field, how to deal with clients and how to get money from them, and so on.

You will find many great articles that will help you start earning from the Internet through freelancing, or if you are already in the field, they will definitely help you increase and multiply your profits.

10. Shout Me Loud's Blog

I heard about this blog quite a lot before I started reading its contents, it is one of the most popular online earning blogs ever and it has helped tens of thousands of earners.

The blog contains a lot of articles in several areas, for example:


SEO Search Engine Optimization.


Affiliate Marketing.

Social Media Marketing.

11. Matthew Woodward's Blog

Matthew Woodward is one of the prominent names in the field of profit from the Internet, and his blog that bears his name is very popular these days.

This blog is concerned with all topics related to SEO, link building, backlinks, local SEO, and others, but you should be careful, not all of its practices fall under the white hat.

It also deals with other topics, such as: Blogging, increasing traffic, working on the Internet, and some other minor matters.

The advantage of Matthew's articles is that they are very practical and actionable, and they provide case studies that will help you learn and learn a lot.

And Matthew has a YouTube channel that may help you and help you.

12. WordStream Blog

WordStream blog helps me a lot with anything I do in paid marketing especially PPC advertising or CPA marketing.

It contains hundreds of very useful articles, dealing with topics that you rarely find anyone to address in such a critical manner.

Ravi is supported by data and statistics.

The blog is also published in the areas of content marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, and many other areas, but it is based on information and areas that can be used in paid marketing.

In general, a blog will be very useful to you in particular if you own an advertising agency or intend to start one.

13. Search Engine Journal blog

Back to the SEO blogs, this time with one of the most important blogs in this field in my personal opinion, the Search Engine Journal.


The SEJ blog for short has been on the scene since 2003 and up to 18 years now, and it provides focused content on SEO, whether news, explanations, studies, or updates on algorithms.

There are a lot of articles on this blog that no one in the field of SEO can be ignorant of in any way.

So I advise you to follow them periodically or to put an alert on new content that you publish using the Google Alerts tool.

14. Backlinko Blog

I guess no one in the SEO field knows about the popular Backlinko blog or its most famous owner, Brian Dean.

It is one of the famous blogs in this field, which deals with many important topics regarding SEO, increasing traffic, e-marketing and content marketing.

Although it doesn't publish content at a somewhat fast rate, Brian does post an article every now and then it's definitely worth a read.

One of the most important articles - or case studies - on the blog, was the one in which Brian explains his powerful new strategies, Skyscraper Technique, which has taken the Internet by storm, and impressed everyone.

A lot of SEO specialists look at Brian as a great teacher for the importance of his articles, advice and strategies he creates, so you should follow him and follow the blog.

15. Search Engine Land Blog

SEL Blog is a very popular SEO blog and is very similar to the previous blog we talked about Search Engine Journal.

Founded by Danny Sullivan after leaving another popular blog, Search Engine Watch in 2006, it focuses primarily on important SEO news.

But it also offers you a lot of articles on many topics, such as: PPC advertising, content writing and e-commerce.

The publishing rate of this blog is very good, as it publishes between 4 to 5 articles per day, which is approximately 135 articles per month.

16. PPCHero . Blog

The next blog on our list is one of the best in its field, the PPCHero Blog which publishes the latest news, case studies and strategies for the field.

If you work in this field or intend to learn about it, this blog should be at the top of the list of sites and blogs that you follow periodically.

Its articles will provide you with everything you need to know about paid advertising, whether it is PPC, social media, search engines, display or other types.

It also has a very important section within the blog related to tool reviews and suggestions, which will be of great help to you.

17. Shopify Blog

Shopify is well known, it's almost the leader in e-commerce, but what many don't know about it is that he has a very rich and important blog.

It contains some unparalleled articles, which have been written by the most important experts and specialists in e-commerce.

If you have a Shopify store, want to create one, or you are in any way working in this field, you will have to follow this blog.

The topics the articles are interested in are very diverse, from how to set up and manage your store to how to market and price products and increase sales.

18. A Better Lemonade Stand Blog

Despite the funny name of the blog, it is one of the most important blogs in the fields of e-commerce and entrepreneurship on the Internet today.

It is managed by someone very famous in these two fields, Richard Lazazzera, who previously managed and created the content for Shopify.

He is a very well known person especially when he started setting up Finch Goods Co and documenting his experience and all the stages he went through. The blog contains a lot of very important articles, which every shopkeeper or business owner should read.

And the nice thing is that they are broken down by the stage your business or shop is going through: the build and start stage, the launch stage, or the growth stage.

It is also divided by topics into:

Product & Niche Selection.

Design and Branding & Design.

Strategy & Analytics.

Getting Traffic.

And many other important topics.

19. BigCommerce Blog

BigCommerce is well known, it is one of the best and most popular ecommerce platform in the world, and they have a very nice blog.

The blog contains many articles and case studies that will allow you to develop your abilities and skills, and if you own an online store, it will certainly help you increase your profits and sales.

It is definitely one of the important blogs in this field that you should follow regularly.

20. Soe7u Blog

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The Seo7u Blog is one of the most important blogs for making money from the Internet, and it is not surprising, but it outperforms many of the previous blogs we mentioned in terms of traffic and visitors.

It is the best blog in this field, and as a writer on the blog, I say that we are doing our best to In order to offer you, dear reader, the best content on the Internet that helps you start making money from the Internet and become rich.

Since the blog's inception, it has been providing high quality articles on topics:

Make money from the Internet.




Freelance work.

SEO Search Engine Optimization.


Content writing.

the design.


And other topics and methods for making money from the Internet.

We try to provide you in the with practical content that is applicable to us , and we try as much as possible to provide adequate guides to the topics of interest to our followers, along with proven strategies and techniques in the form of clear steps.

In order to do this, we work hard and spend a lot of hours researching sources, writing and editing articles, and a lot of other things going on in the background in order to get you into this picture.

We, as the seo7u team, follow the latest foreign trends that appear on the blogs and forums of making money from the Internet that we mentioned in order to pass them on to you, and I do not exaggerate when I say that we follow multiple times of these sites in order to pay attention to any new topic or information to present to you.

So if you want to save your time and energy, instead of following all of these blogs, follow everything that is published here in the Seo7u Blog.


In this article, we talked in detail about the top 20 most profitable blogs from the Internet, which I personally follow all the time.

Unfortunately, the focus is on profit from the Internet as a way to get hundreds and thousands of dollars per month, and although this is true, learning is the most important part.

As I noticed during this article, the secret to being distinguished and being able to profit from the Internet is to continue to learn and develop your skill as much as possible.

On the Internet, it does not matter who you are, nor where you are from, nor what you studied, nor where you studied, but what is important is what you can do and present.

And that's the article, now it's your turn. Do you follow any of these blogs? If yes, tell us about your experience and what you learned from it or from any other blog that is not even in this article.

Mahmoud Ashour
By : Mahmoud Ashour
Mahmoud ashour

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