7 free ways to get thousands of visitors to your blog

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 Blogging is one of the most important e-marketing channels for every business owner (in the so-called content marketing), and it is also considered one of the famous ways to profit from the Internet, which is done by many young people who have a passion for a topic, or have knowledge and experience about any field.

All you have to do in order to market or profit from the Internet through blogging is to create a blog, which you can create for free through the Blogger service, and then make the necessary settings to design and adjust the blog, start publishing content, and then start getting visitors to your blog and check profit from it.

Yes, it is that simple, but the most difficult obstacle that stands in the way of bloggers, especially beginners, is getting visitors, or let's say getting enough visitors to make good profits, or good marketing results.

Note: Even successful bloggers always strive to get more visitors to maximize profits, or maximize marketing results.

In this guide, I will share with you 7 reliable and effective ways to get visitors to your blog, and they are completely free so that even beginners who do not have a marketing budget can implement it, and get good results through it.

Within the 7 methods that I will share with you, you will find many, many important points that work together to help you get free visitors to your blog… I advise you to read the article very carefully, as it contains a lot of information, ideas and details.

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1. Choose your blog topics carefully

Choosing the topics that you will talk about in your blog is very important, and it should not be done randomly, and based on your personal preferences, but you should choose the topics that your audience is interested in and looking for, and you have to spend some effort and time in this aspect.

Here are some important points that will help you choose the topics for your blog on the right basis:

a) Research the keywords used by your target audience

I came across a great Google keyword-planner tool, through which I became aware of the keywords my target audience is using in their search for topics, and this changed the results dramatically.

b) Monitor and track your audience to know their preferences

There are two different ways you can learn more about the topics your audience prefers:

1) Comments in the blog and on social networking sites whose owners request specific topics to write about.

Here, comments and audience interaction will greatly enable you to know what your audience is interested in, what topics your audience needs to read about, what are popular in your industry at a particular time, and what your audience needs to know more about.

2) Constant monitoring of Google Analytics

Through the Google Analytics tool, you will be able to learn many indicators that enable you to create more demanded content, including:

Extract lists of high-traffic topics and try to replicate their pattern in new topics.

Extracting lists of topics in which the visitor stays the longest, and trying to identify the reason for that and using it in new topics.

Extract lists of topics that do not get traffic and try to find out the cause and treat it.

Extracting lists of topics in which the visitor remains only a few seconds and trying to find out the cause and treat it.

c) Watch your competitors

Competitors always represent a very important educational focus in the world of the Internet, and this applies to every business or business connected to the Internet. In the world of the Internet, you can easily and by using some simple tools reach your competitors, and you can study their strengths and weaknesses, and find out the things on which their success depends.

SimilarWeb is one of the sites where you can find out the most important competitors for your blog, through it you can find out the top 10 competitors for your blog for free, and without even registering an account.

Note: Monitoring competitors and learning from them does not mean copying competitors’ content, stealing their ideas or stealing their content, but here we mean studying competitors in order to get to know the world around you, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, and making use of statistically and analytically in order to produce content of higher value, nor It is widely available in the market.

Now you know how you can get the right ideas to write about in your blog, and here comes the role of the next method to attract more visitors to your blog, and it is about quality…

2. Make sure you provide high quality content that is worth your visitors' time

As a blog owner, you have to provide value to your visitors. You must provide them with unique and unique content that is only present in your blog, of course this starts from the step of defining the idea of ​​your blog from the ground up.

If you have enough knowledge and passion for the field you are talking about in your blog, then you will pass the first test in getting free visitors to your blog.

It is worth noting that this point is a pivotal point, and the success of all other efforts to get visitors depends on it. Without good content, you will not be able to achieve anything in the world of blogging.

Here are some points that will help you provide good content that is worth your visitors' time:

a) Never copy other people's content

One of the bad points in the internet world, especially in Arabic content, is stealing the content of other blogs and publishing it illegally. Did you know that this happens with frequent winners, but fortunately we have the tools that make the stealer pay the price.

In any case, and away from the ethical and professional aspect, let us address some practical and objective points regarding the danger of stealing the content of others:

Google has gotten pretty smart at spotting plagiarized content even if there's been a paraphrase at the highest level.

There are laws to protect copyright, and there are tools to report this, and then your blog will be affected very negatively.

There is no reason why visitors should read your plagiarized articles from your blog, and leave the source (which is often a popular and heavyweight blog).

b) Research well and take the time to research before writing any article

Whoever follows the winners knows very well that I (Magdy Kamil) is the founder of the Winners blog and is responsible for it from an administrative point of view. I also wrote many and many articles in it, so in my work I have very good experience regarding a topic like this one I am talking about today (methods of obtaining free visitors for your blog).

Did you know that I spent over 5 full hours researching and reading about ways to get free visitors to blogs! In which I read more than 15 articles in the most famous and most important international blogs.

I'm telling you this story not to flex my muscles, but to tell you that good and deep research is essential to come up with a good article, even if you have experience and information on the topic you're writing about.

c) Try to create a new and distinctive style in your articles

Make your style distinctive and more close to the language spoken by your visitors, so they will feel familiar with your blog, they will invite their friends to visit your blog as well, and they will enthusiastically share your topics on social media.

You have to be friendly about your topics and show your visitors your human side, and you can also share with them some of your experiences and expertise, the more readers feel that you are close to them, they will emotionally connect with you and visit your blog constantly.

d) Post more topics

Does this have anything to do with quality? Yes, of course, the more topics in your blog, this means that you cover a lot of aspects about your blog’s specialization, and this of course affects the quality of the blog as a whole, quality requires comprehensiveness and coverage of topics from many aspects and angles.

Example: We at seo7u.com, for example, talk about the world of marketing, and we are not satisfied with writing topics about e-marketing in general, but we talk about a lot of specializations and detailed points, so you will find the reader finding all the topics he needs in one place, and for this he trusts us A large audience of followers.

Whatever your current results or the number of visitors you have, you should continue to include more topics. Continuing to add new topics, will make these results in a permanent improvement.

e) Continuously improve your blog content

Many beginner bloggers think that their work with articles ends once they are published, but in fact, in many cases, the work after the article is published is the most important.

To develop your blog content, you have to work in two very important directions:

1) Update old articles

You have to be aware that your skills as a blogger develop over time, gaining experiences and knowledge that make you able to produce higher quality articles, and in this case you should not deprive your old articles of the product of development in your experiences and knowledge, so go back to the old articles and develop them and improve the content in them.

Of course, the importance of updating articles increases when there is an important change related to the article. For example, if you are talking about a specific thing and there has been a change in this thing, you must go back and update the article to be compatible with the change that occurred.

2) Apply your successful strategies in other articles

Let's say here that you have 100 articles in your blog, and you discover that there is a certain strategy that you do (such as a certain style in the introduction) that contributes greatly to the success of the article and the stay of the visitor for a longer period of time.

Here you have to return to some articles that do not get large visits or a large reading period, and start implementing the successful strategy.

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3. Optimize your blog for SEO

SEO, or SEO, is simply a set of controls and practices that you have to do to get search engines to rank well in search results.

We can break down SEO practices into three main aspects:

a) On-Page SEO

In short, it is related to everything you have to do within your blog in order to make it worth being on the first page of Google. Among the most important of these are:

Use keywords within articles correctly.

Link articles to each other through internal links.

Writing exclusive articles not copied from other blogs.

Paying attention to quality and achieving visitor satisfaction.

b) Off-Page SEO

It is related to the practices that you have to do outside your blog in order to make the search engines pay attention to them, and give them importance, and mostly this aspect boils down to getting links from other blogs and sites that refer to your blog.

Here are some points that will help you in external SEO of your blog:

In the beginning, do not give this aspect much importance, but rather invest more in internal improvement and produce a lot of valuable content.

Post your blog links on your social media pages.

Go ahead and link to popular blogs in your field (some of them will return the favor).

Produce praiseworthy content, and then tag it (yes, this is the key and we have mentioned it in many places above).

Write free articles for other blogs in exchange for links to your guest post.

c) Technical SEO

Technical SEO means, in short, everything related to the performance of your blog in terms of design and programming, good and clean, and free from programming errors, and this includes:

Ensure that your blog is compatible with all screen sizes (desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles).

Work on improving the speed of your blog.

Using a good design contributes to an improved user experience.

Ensure that your blog is free of broken links (that is, that are not working properly).

Ensure that all functions and features work well in your blog.

Of course, the world of SEO is much bigger than the points and tips I put at the top in every aspect, but by following these simple tips you will go a long way in improving search engines, and getting free visitors to your blog.

4. Make your blog a smart presence on social media

Social media is one of the best free ways to get visitors to your blog, if you can use it smartly and in the right way.

First, you have to create accounts for your blog on all the popular social networking sites, but you have to focus on two or three platforms at first, and then you can expand to the rest of the platforms. This of course depends on the nature of your audience and the platforms they use, and the nature of your blog's niche.

Here are a set of points that will help you use social networking sites smartly to get free visitors to your blog:

Focus your time and effort on the appropriate platforms for you and your audience.

Build a fan base first, and try to build bridges of trust between you and your followers.

Do not put links from your blog at the beginning stage.

Put the benefit of your followers first.

Try to balance posts with links from your blog with other posts that are simple and directly useful to your audience.

Interact with the audience and respond to comments, don't ignore any comment or suggestion.

It is worth noting that YouTube is one of the social networking sites, which you should use to get free visitors to your blog. You have to create an official YouTube channel for your blog, through which you can record videos on the same topic as the blog.

Try to translate text articles into videos, and do not forget to put the blog link in the description of the video, also choose an appropriate title and description for the video you are uploading.

It is worth noting and from personal experience, that only by making one video and uploading it to your channel that bears the same name as your blog, you will get an important advantage, which is the appearance of this video on the first page in Google search results for the name of the blog.

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5. Write about hot news and celebrities in your blog field

People love news and are always interested in learning about it, and having a news section on your blog will be an excellent way to get free visitors to your blog.

Create a section on your blog that deals with news about the topic you are discussing in your blog about the most popular events and hot news.

For example, if your blog talks about the sport of boxing, you can deal with the most important news related to the sport of boxing, such as news of famous tournaments, or personal news about a famous boxer.


Also in every field there are famous people and leaders in this field, and of course everyone interested in this field knows some of its famous, and wants to know more as well, and maybe very attracted to your blog if you have special topics talking about this person.

6. Choose attractive titles for your articles

As they say in the famous Egyptian proverb, “The answer is clear from its title,” meaning that the hidden thing appears from the first sight of the thing. Like this, articles get their first impression through their titles.

Therefore, you should give the titles of your articles special importance, so that they are attractive and curious, and at the same time expressive of the content and contain the target keyword.

In fact, it is not an easy equation, but fortunately there are proven and proven strategies that you can use to produce attractive titles for your articles, and here are the most important ones:

Strategy How do you implement something.

Precision strategy and the use of numbers.

Questioning strategy.

Secrets Revealing Strategy.

7. Use Quora to get free visitors to your blog

For those who do not know, Quora is a social site for asking a question and receiving answers from specialists, in which the public writes any question they want to know its answer through people on the sites, experts answer the question, and there is an evaluation system to make the best answer in the foreground.

What you will do here is to exploit this site to promote your blog, through your participation in the site, and to put links to your blog, however.

If you plan to go to the site and post links to your blog in an annoying way, I do not advise you to do so at all, it will not work, and your account may be banned. The correct way to take advantage of the Koura website in bringing visitors to your blog is through real participation, and providing a benefit to those who ask questions.

It is worth noting that Quora is now available in Arabic, and by subscribing to it, you will get messages from the site telling you the most important questions that are asked about a particular specialty.

Then you can easily go to the question and write your own professional answer, and then you can mention one of the appropriate articles on your blog as a source to get more information about the answer to the question.

At the end of the article, let me tell you that getting visitors to your blog is something that often does not happen overnight, but it requires effort, time, persistence and determination.

Therefore, I strongly advise you to start working on the implementation of the methods above, and continue working on them regardless of the results you will get tomorrow, but trust that things will improve a lot over time.

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