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13 effective tips for creating a YouTube channel to evaluate products


Making a YouTube channel to evaluate products is one of the great ideas at the present time, as the increase in the demand for visual content worldwide has led to a large number of people entering the content industry on YouTube.

The field of product review is also an interesting field for a huge category of Internet users around the world, and often dear reader, you are in this category, and being in this category may also qualify you to create a YouTube channel to review products, think about the following questions:

Have you purchased a product and checked and evaluated it professionally?

Do you have a particular passion for analyzing products from a particular category?

Do you enjoy telling your friends about the advantages and disadvantages of certain products?

If the answer is yes to most of the previous questions, then this is excellent, as you can develop this passion and create a YouTube channel to evaluate the products you prefer.

Is it easy? Ease and difficulty depends on your ability to follow the tips and instructions that we will mention in this article.

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Create a YouTube channel to evaluate products

YouTube is a great platform for reviewing and analyzing products, think of the number of times you wanted to buy a product of any kind and found in the search results one or more clips that evaluate and review this product and test it in all respects.

Personally, I rely on YouTube as a primary source to see the evaluation of the products that I want to buy or even love, between clips that only open the product box and reveal its contents only, to the clips that provide a detailed analysis of all the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages of the products.

In fact, channels for reviewing technical products such as phones and computer components are considered one of the most useful content on the Internet, as these products need careful examination and review that may be difficult to write in one article, and if this article is written, it will be long and boring or short and brief and does not provide a strong analysis Easy to understand as in the video.

But the benefit offered by product reference channels is not limited to the field of technical products only, but extends to literally all products available anywhere in the world, no matter how strange and rare the products are, you will find an audience for them, as long as the review and evaluation are objectively and accurately.

Tips for creating a YouTube channel to review products

Success is not for everyone, this phrase may be a bit frustrating but it is true, your channel will not succeed just because you check a product and talk about it for some time, but it will succeed if you manage the channel well, and make strong and distinct content.

Here are some tips to help you with that:

1. Choose the category of products you like best and see that you can excel in its evaluation

Your strength and distinction will appear in the products that you are passionate about and how they work. You may be tempted by a certain category of products because they are widespread or relatively easy to evaluate, but because you are not really interested in them, the content that you will provide may come out duplicate or undistinguished.

Here you have to understand that excellence is the main source of excessive attention, so be sure to review the products you are interested in and have experience with, and you can evaluate them differently and comprehensively in a way that benefits the average user.

Also note that any product category you are passionate about will find an audience that is looking for it, but there are several factors that can guide you in attracting your audience faster, such as:

a) Choose important products for their category

For example, revisions for computer peripherals do not occupy the same importance as revisions for the CPU.

b) Choose products that rarely have reviews

There may be a product that has not been highly reviewed by the reviewers, due to special circumstances such as its unavailability in their country or the product being of limited release, the fact that the product itself is important and has few reviews makes it ideal for your new channel.

c) Choose products that fit your budget

At the beginning of setting up a product review channel, you will have to pay some money, in order to buy some tools for photography, audio recording, etc.

Even if you focus on buying only the basics and rely on your available capabilities, you will find yourself paying a not small amount of money. It is not preferable to add the burden of buying products greater than your financial capabilities to make a review of them at least at the beginning. In the future, you can buy relatively more expensive products after achieving an acceptable financial return. from the channel.

2. Evaluate the products according to your personal opinion

What distinguishes successful people in the field of product evaluation on YouTube is their ability to evaluate products through their personal view, which is often similar to a particular segment of followers.

For example, there are reviewers who are interested in the photography experience offered by mobile phones, and because they love photography, so you will find that the most important points of their distinction are reflected in the review of cameras for mobile phones, whether on the software side or in terms of technical equipment, and the most important is the experience of these cameras in photography and under different conditions.

You may find another reviewer who cares about the performance of mobile phones in games, so he tests the performance of phones by downloading some games that require large technical hardware and the experience of playing these games at the highest graphic settings, in order to measure the ability of this phone to run these games, and you will even find that there Review clips intended for testing phones under certain conditions only and for certain uses.

Of course, most reviewers in the field of mobile phones offer their opinion about the phone that they review in all respects, but there are a good number who direct their evaluation of the phone from their personal point of view and what they like as a user and what they do not like, and this is exactly what you must do to excel in this the field.

3. Pay attention to the basic review factors

How do we determine the quality of a product review? Is photo quality important? Does the product packaging quality evaluation fall within the evaluation of the product itself?

In fact, there are many factors that must be included in the review. But we can summarize the most important of them in the following four factors:

a) Display the product clearly and display the contents of its box in an orderly manner.

Imagine the following example: You are watching a video reviewing one of the computer components for your favorite reviewer (let this piece be the motherboard), and the review includes a review of the shape of the board from the outside, and an evaluation of its design before entering the installation phase and performance testing.

Here, it is obvious that the video begins with unboxing or opening the panel box, mentioning the existing accessories and reviewing their quality, especially if the panel belongs to the upper category that contains many additional features and pieces.

When you watch this review with the eyes of the average follower, you may not pay attention to the previous part of the review, because you are used to watching it, or because you are more interested in the part of the performance tests, which may make you forget as a reviewer that the presentation of the product and its components at the beginning of his video is one of the factors of the comprehensive review, which Extends to include showing the product on all sides or using a device that displays the product in a circular motion.

b) Indicate which category this product fits into

Any product is directed to a specific category of users, there is a category that does not mind paying a large amount of money in exchange for luxury features and a distinctive shape, while another category prefers to have a product with an economical price and good value (value for price) and so on.

Most manufacturers do not explicitly direct a specific category to a particular product, because this may harm the purchase movement, here comes your role as a reference in evaluating the product against its price, and what category of users may like this product and suit its financial capabilities.

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c) sound and image

Think of it this way. Can you watch a video in which the image is constantly shaking? What if the sound is low or unclear? The answer is no, and if you do, you will not benefit from it enough, because the power of reviews on YouTube is reflected in providing an audio and visual review in a manner that provides a clear view of the product’s appearance and details.

d) Photographing and editing errors

You are allowed to have errors in filming and editing your videos, especially when your experience with video and photo editing programs is limited, but you must limit these errors over time, because they affect the professional image that you want to draw for the follower,

And because you, as a reviewer, always strive to develop and provide your best, especially when there are obvious editing errors after a long period of review work.

At first, you do not need to buy an expensive program to edit videos, but you can rely on free programs such as DaVinci , and then you can rely on paid programs such as Adobe Premiere if you want.

4. Start with the available possibilities

One of the most important intellectual obstacles that you may have before starting to make a YouTube channel to evaluate products is to obtain the best available capabilities, or even medium capabilities, but they are not available to you at the present time, or require the payment of a not small amount of money.

Thinking of presenting your best in the best possible ways and possibilities is required and desirable, but not in the beginning, because the idea of ​​making a YouTube channel to review products the more technically simple it is, the more space you have to think about the content itself.

And remember, you only need to make clips with suitable sound and acceptable picture. High technologies and 4K cameras are required in the entertainment content industry. As for reviews, you need no more than a resolution of 1080p and 30 frames, which is a very sufficient resolution to produce clear and appropriate clips.

5. Review your content more than once to improve it

After you finish writing your review text, take a short break, watch a movie, go out with your friends, try to clear your mind in any way and then go back to the text again. Read it. Does it need modifications? implemented it.

Now repeat this process more than once based on the time available to you, until you arrive at the best possible script that satisfies you as a user watching a video of a product review, before it satisfies you as the reviewer personally.

6. Watch the finished product

After I've finished writing, filming, and uploading the clip to YouTube, see what I've produced, and start taking notes on a piece of paper.

Divide your notes into 3 sections:

The pros must maintain it and add them constantly.

Cons that should not be repeated.

improvements can be made.

Lay this piece of paper in front of you while you make the clip for the next revision to make sure you made use of it. Now repeat the process for each clip you produce.

Note that the negatives will not disappear immediately but will begin to disappear gradually, and the improvements will still appear to you every time you repeat this process, and this will help you provide good and high quality content that suits your audience.

7. Share your content with people close to you

Your family and friends are the people who know you the most, which may give them preference in clarifying the advantages and disadvantages of the reviews you have made… Not only for your evaluation of the product, but also for your evaluation as a reviewer, because as human beings we have actions and body language that distinguish us, but it may not correspond to the performance and movement required in the field of product evaluation .

These actions may be a movement, a hand gesture, or a repetition of a specific word. They are normal actions, but they may sometimes distract and disturb the focus of the recipient.

Your friends and family members will help you identify these actions so that you don't repeat them in future clips, or notice them and delete them in the editing stage.

8. Market your content (free or paid)

Your target audience will not reach your channel or the content you provide once you publish it on the channel, it will require some marketing for this content, whether paid or unpaid.

Although paid marketing may make you reach your audience faster, I always prefer free marketing, by publishing the channel’s content on social media platforms such as Facebook in groups for product evaluation in general, or groups interested in reviewing the category of products you evaluate In particular.

After achieving good results from social media marketing for free (which is possible), you can move on to paid marketing to search for specific audience segments.

In my opinion, if you are interested in marketing your content for free and in an organized manner, you may not need the paid marketing method at all.

9. Listen to your audience but be careful

After a period of evaluating the products, you will begin to form an audience and followers, who will gradually begin to rely on your opinion of the products they are interested in, and interact with the content you provide, whether by sharing with their friends who are interested in it, or by commenting on the content you provide directly.

Watch the comments your followers leave on the reviews you publish, no matter how much the YouTube administration likes to interact with these comments, but you may also benefit from it.

You may find one of the comments alerting you to a new product or asking you to review a specific feature in a product, or you find a follower asking for your opinion or advice on buying a product, perhaps there is another who has a problem with a product and wants to advise you on how to deal with it.

In the end, your interaction with these comments increases your followers’ love for you, and shows them how much you care about them, which increases their loyalty to you and the content you provide and contributes to its free spread.

Of course, we do not recommend following all the tips that you see in the comments, but rather we recommend studying the comments that may contain good ideas, or artistic criticism written in a polite and objective manner.

Do not be affected by any negative comments that you may find in the comments section. Some people lack dialogue and tact, and it is of course wrong to interact with these comments by replying. You can block the comment and the user if possible.

10. Develop your content

Look for ways to develop the way you evaluate products, these methods may be relying on a new method of filming or editing clips, it may be the inclusion of a new category of products based on the desire of followers, for example, or a comparison between products of the same price category.

If you think that thinking about development methods and ideas is difficult, do not worry, because most of the development ideas will appear to you during your work in this field on their own, and most of them will not require large sums of money or greater effort, but you may be surprised in the end that development helped you To increase your productivity and improve its quality.

11. Connect with major companies

After creating a YouTube channel to evaluate products, and get an appropriate number of views and followers, contact the leading companies in the field of products you evaluate, in order to send their products exclusively for review, which adds more distinction to your content.

Show them your channel and the content you provide, mention your most important achievements in terms of the total number of views and the number of followers, and if you have a particular clip that has succeeded or the search results are issued in a certain way, it is important to mention it as well.

But remember, not all companies respond to you in case of refusal, and you may need a larger number of followers and views to convince certain companies to partner with you or support you, do not despair and try after a while, and always make sure that your method of communicating with companies is characterized by professionalism and sophistication.

Note: Companies often send products to reviewers for evaluation before they are put to the consumer market, and then send them to companies again. This happens especially in the field of computer components, mobile phones and electronic devices in general.

12. Sign up for affiliate programs for the products you are reviewing

The presence of a financial return that motivates you as a reviewer to develop and provide your best, and in addition to the financial return that can be achieved from the YouTube advertising system, you can register in the affiliate marketing programs for the products that you review and evaluate, and start placing your own link to buy these products in the description section of the review section Some of your followers may be interested in buying this product and when they buy it through you you earn some money.

But there are principles that must be followed when using affiliate links in order to be transparent and honest in your dealings with your followers:

Tell your followers that buying from the link in the description supports you financially.

Your evaluation of the products that you have subscribed to the affiliate marketing system must be honest, and mention the positive and negative aspects.

The financial return from affiliate product marketing programs should not have an effect on your choice of products to be evaluated.

13. Follow competitors but don't be influenced by them

There is no field in which there is no competitor, especially on the Internet, which is not bad. You can learn from competitors in your field, but you must differentiate between learning and quoting, because learning means studying the reasons for their success and trying to adopt them, but in your own style, while quoting is a complete and blind imitation of what he is doing Competitors, whether in product evaluation, product selection, or even photography.

A simple example: Reviewer (X) relies in his reviews on selecting products from international companies and comparing them with products from well-known companies.

The reference (R) purchased the same products and made the same comparisons. This is the citation, while the reference (P) understood the method of the reference (X) and began to follow the method of comparisons in his reviews between products, this is called learning.


Creating a YouTube channel to review products takes a lot of work, but it is fun, especially when you are reviewing products that you are interested in.

The development and improvement process is also fun, as well as the competition, which is not always fierce, as you have seen cooperation between more than one reference in evaluating products or making comparisons and competitions. Let us agree that competition in general makes you think of excellence in your way of reviewing.

You will also like the loyalty of the followers you give them useful content that helps them get honest opinions about products they are interested in knowing about or want to buy.

Are you passionate about a certain category of products and think you can provide solid reviews for them? Share with us in the comments which category of products you like and are considering reviewing.

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