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How to make money from Facebook Reels (Exclusive, Comprehensive Guide)

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 Facbook Reels or short videos is not a new term to us, but we have seen it a lot on the most famous social media platforms…

From the short videos that we've seen go viral on Tiktok, and the short YouTube videos we've seen under the name YouTube Shorts, to the Instagram Reels that have emerged as a real competition to TikTok videos, and now Facebook Reels.

Recently, Meta has launched Reels clips on the Facebook platform, and at the beginning of this year 2022, it has gradually reached most users around the world.

What is striking about the company’s announcement of Facebook Reels, compared to other competitors in the same category, is that it emphasized the ability of creators to “make money” from it, by introducing new patterns for ads through it.

So we will help you with this comprehensive guide; To enter the world of Facebook Reels, understand how it works and the tools to make it, with how to instantly reserve a place for you to start earning from it.


What are Facebook Reels?

Simply put, Facebook Reels are short videos that do not exceed one minute, which you can edit easily. With the ability to add music or use audio from someone else's video, filters, AR (augmented reality) effects, scripts, and more.

Users can create them on the Facebook app directly on their mobile devices with ease, even without the need for any external apps.

Why is Facebook Reels a strong competitor to TikTok?

In order to understand how Facebook Reels spreads, we need to remember how Tik Tok videos spread. We cannot deny the amazing spread of Tik Tok videos in less than 5 years, which is comparable to what Facebook has been able to reach in 18 years.

While Reels emerged as a strategy to compete directly with TikTok through a feature within the Instagram app. Meta quickly realized that it could counterattack and aggressively compete more effectively if it added the feature to Facebook; The most popular and widely used social media platform.

Why are Facebook Reels ideal for monetizing?

1. Propagation speed

We know that we are in a time of speed and simplicity, and this is what Meta has used to present Reels clips on its social media platforms, the most important of which is Facebook.

To thus contribute to the world of short video, which can be accessed by ordinary users and creators all over the world in a few seconds and with no effort.

Meta has boasted that Reels is now by far the fastest growing content format. It is the biggest driver of growth for Instagram and Facebook, because it is growing very quickly.

2. Easy to prepare content

Making videos of less than 60 seconds is not as difficult as making long videos like on YouTube! is not it?

By simply using your video uploads or even photo collections with your phone or by shooting a short video or excerpt with your smartphone, Facebook Reels can be recorded in a series of video clips or a combination of video clips and images can be created in one go.

You can even use other people's videos, edit and personalize them to make them more attractive. You can also edit them with the help of the simple tools in the interface of creating Reels clips.

Meta will soon provide more professional editing capabilities. We will explain all this in detail in the following paragraphs.

3. New style of advertising

As mentioned in the beginning; What is striking about Facebook Reels is that the company itself has explicitly emphasized the possibility of profit through a reward system for posting Reels clips! It is obvious to us that the profit online is through advertisements.

But now you must be wondering, what ads will appear in a video of a minute or less?

In fact, Facebook will rely on an entirely new form of advertising. There are two types of these ads, which will be relied on in Facebook Reels, and they are in the form of ads that float above the surface of the Reels clips.

a) Banner ads : 

These are banners that appear as a semi-transparent overlay under the Reels clip. This means that viewers will be able to watch the content without interruption, while presenting them in an unobtrusive manner with ads that are relevant to them.


b) Sticker ads

Static sticker ads, wlhich the creator can place anywhere within a Reels clip. That is, depending on the format you choose, the ad placement will vary without harming your content.

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4. Perfect promotion for your content

Since the advent of the short video format on social media platforms, brands and creators alike have found these posts to command more than just views.

Many have seen an increase in their followers numbers and an increase in engagement rates as well, thus ideally promoting their content and products.

Thus, Facebook reels can help you expand your audience by making your articles discoverable to the entire Facebook community.

Your video will be visible to your followers in your News Feed, as well as in the reels section of anyone who doesn't follow you.

 And if you are currently making Instagram reels, you can allow Facebook to recommend your Instagram reels to new audiences on Facebook, which can help you reach a much wider audience in record time.

5. Facebook reels clips are a new feature

Take the opportunity to create a new reels clip feature on Facebook. As a result, no matter how intense the competition, you can now book your place in this new and accelerating world of videos. You only need to start!

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How do I start earning from Facebook reels with practical steps

1. Start by creating Facebook reels

It is very simple, all you have to do is follow these steps:

First, click on the “Create reels Clip” or “ create reels” in the “Reels” section, at the top of the “News Feed” section of the Facebook app on your mobile device.

From here you can either record a clip (or series of clips) in real time, upload a pre-recorded video (or an existing series) from your phone gallery, or mix the two.

Now, you can edit and cut clips to your chosen length before sharing a Rails clip, adding effects, stickers, and text. Where you will be able to access a number of tools to edit your creative content directly from the interface, namely:

a) Effects :

 Choose from a variety of effects and filters.

b) Add Music

Choose a song from your Facebook Music collection or record your own audio. The original audio is credited to you, and the Facebook community can use it to create their own rails just like with TikTok videos. And while recording, you can speed up or slow down parts of the video or audio.

c) Timer

Use the timer to record a clip with a duration of your own choosing and stop it automatically, so you don't have to use your hands to stop the recording.

In addition, you can specify the duration during recording, and speed up or slow down parts of the video or audio. Note that if you are 18 or older, your Facebook Reels will be set to "public" by default, but you can adjust the privacy for each Reels you create individually.

2. Use the following tools to help you create professional realtime clips

a) Adobe Premiere Rush

When it comes to professional video editors, there is no better app than Adobe Rush. Adobe has launched a new mobile video editing app called Adobe Premiere Rush.

It provides all the professional level features for editing your videos directly from your smartphone. The good thing about this app is that it's free! But the best thing about all this is that it does not add any watermark to your videos.

It has a very user friendly interface where all the editing tools are easily accessible. From creating slow motion videos; By adjusting the speed of audio and video, to adding text and transitions to your Reels clips.

You can manually enhance video colors with adjustment tools for a cinematic look. With powerful audio editing capability with auto embed and voiceover features.

You'll find thousands of tracks, sound effects, animated titles, and transitions available in the app.

You can also shoot videos with the professional camera inside the app, edit them instantly and then share them on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and more).

In short, you can do almost everything with this app for free.

Adobe Premiere Rush download links:

Download Adobe Premiere Rush on IOS

Download Adobe Premiere Rush on Android

b) VN Video Editor app

 This application is very easy to use and free of any cost. It has an interface that can be understood at first glance.

You just need to choose the Reels clip that you want to edit, and you will experience a lot of editing features that include basic tools like cropping, trimming, zooming, accelerating, filters, etc.

It allows you to add transition effects and FX effects such as screen shake, zoom, focus, slow motion effect, etc., which are very popular. You can also add photos and videos as layers.

You can add music, stickers, and attractive text directly to your video. This will give a whole new look to your video, with the ability to change the aspect ratio of the original video.

Once your Reels clip is finally edited, it's easy to export and save the final video in up to 4K resolution. And you can use the keyframe feature to add animation effects.

In short, this application combines ease of use and professionalism.

VN Video Editor App Download Links:

Download VN Video Editor App on IOS

Download VN Video Editor app for Android

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c) Splice App

This easy-to-use professional editing tool offers you a number of cinematic effects, including the ability to change or customize the background of videos. What distinguishes this app is that it has a very simple user interface and easy access to all the necessary, yet professional features.

Other popular features include dynamic transition modes, pan and zoom effect, and trendy filters and effects. Easily add media, text and music, adjust speed, and crop video to fit your screen.

With the ability to export videos without watermark. Once your video has been exported, you can choose the fps (frames per second) and resolution settings manually. It supports up to 4K Ultra HD (High Definition).


Editing your Reels clips on Splice can improve their quality. It makes Facebook Rails more attractive, just like you'd shoot it with a professional videographer.

In short, this app is perfect for fans of Hollywood style transitions or effects.

Splice app download links:

Download Splice App on IOS

Download Splice App for Android

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3. Follow these tips for successful Facebook Reels clips

a) Choose an appropriate topic

There is a long list of content topics that you can create. Starting with the entertainment and humor of Tik Tok videos.

But what if you don't have a sense of humor to create such videos? It's simple, go to something you love the most, such as: landscape photography, cooking, beauty and makeup, making cosmetics, sports, singing, drawing, providing medical information in a simple way, or even teaching languages ​​in a nice way.

Whatever your field, in medicine, engineering, art or education of all kinds, and others; You will find a place for you in creating Facebook Reels by providing content that attracts viewers.

b) Develop a clear plan

basis of any success; It is setting a clear plan for your career in content creation. So, think of a plan that works for you to reach the audience in a faster way.

For example, keep in mind that you commit to creating one Reels clip per day for a month, and then wait for the results to analyze and develop your content to serve the target audience.

c) Use appropriate hashtags

One of the most important factors that makes your content reach the target audience, so use a specific number of hashtags related to the content of your Reels clip.

d) Comply with Facebook Reels Terms

To qualify for the reward, you must comply with the content monetization policies by having the content owned by the author.

The length of the video is 60 seconds or less.

mp4 video format.

The aspect ratio is 9:16.

Minimum resolution 1080p, 4K if available.

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Where do Facebook Reels appear?

Currently, Facebook Reels appear in places such as the Facebook News Feed, in the Reels section at the top next to the Stories section, and also within your Reels profile under your profile (if you have created any Reels).

I know you're wondering by now, how many dollars will I earn from posting Facebook Reels?

Surely you want an answer with numbers! In fact, Facebook will reward eligible content creators with a bounty if their Reels clips receive at least 1,000 views within a maximum period of 30 days.

Unfortunately, until this moment, you have not specified clear numbers for this bonus, because the feature after it is very new.

But do not worry! Things will become clear soon, just stay tuned for this article, because we will update it periodically to answer all your questions, after things become clearer by Meta.

what are you waiting for? Start now to create your own Facebook Reels with all the instructions that we presented in the previous lines, and take the opportunity to start earning soon.

Note: If you don't see a "Reels" button on your page yet, be sure to update your app to the latest version. The feature will gradually reach everyone.

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How to Learn Cyber Security (All Resources and Information 2022)

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 Cyber ​​Security is one of the most in-demand disciplines of the 21st century, and it is expected to be in more and more demand in the next few years.

This huge demand has led to millions of jobs that need professionals to fill, and many if not all of these opportunities are at very high salaries, even greater than the usual average salaries.

In this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about learning cybersecurity from the best sources. After reading this article, you will be the first step to becoming a professional in the field of cybersecurity.

This article comes among several articles on cybersecurity... with the aim of introducing this important field to Arab youth, and helping them to identify it, learn it, and consider it as an area of ​​work and excellence in it.

Self-learning and cybersecurity learning in universities

The first point that is addressed when talking about the field of cyber security; Is that it is necessary to study an academic study, whether through a specialized bachelor's program or similar to it, such as computer science programs CS.


But this is not true, as the field of cyber security is one of the most technical fields that do not require academic degrees, and there are many who work and even hold high positions in large companies and do not have specialized certificates in it.

What is important for cybersecurity companies, and for employers who need its specialists in general, is that they possess the required skills, and can perform the tasks assigned to them.

There are also many professional certificates that are provided by reliable bodies for everyone who wants to prove that they possess these skills, and we will talk about them in this article.

In short, do not worry that you do not have a university degree in the field of cybersecurity, or in the field of computer science, the important thing is that you have the will and the passion to learn it.

How to start learning cyber security

We come here to the second important point before entering the heart of our article, which is how to start learning cybersecurity, as this field contains many sub-disciplines, and there are many different cybersecurity jobs that require various skills.

For this, you must first define a career path you want to take, a dream job title, or even a sub-specialty you want to work in, and then know the skills required to start learning and mastering them.

But even if you have no idea about the field or do not have a specific path that you want to take, you can learn the basic skills that we will mention later, and then navigate and learn about the different skills and areas.

In the field of cybersecurity, there is no problem if you initially move between many disciplines; Whether Ethical Hacking, Malware Analysis, Cloud Security, or other fields.

Basic skills in cybersecurity

Although there are many important skills in the field of cybersecurity, there are 5 basic skills that a cybersecurity specialist cannot ignore, which are:



Operating Systems Operation Systems.

Information Technology.

Computer Science.

We will talk about these skills in some detail because they are the key to specializing in cybersecurity. After mastering them, you will be able to easily enter any field or specialization in cybersecurity.

1. Programming

You will need to learn several programming languages ​​during your career in cybersecurity, but don't worry you won't need to master them as a professional programmer.

You only need to understand the code and get to know it, but remember that mastering programming and code will greatly allow you to excel in this important field, and I also advise you to look at the article Types of Programming.

One of the most important programming languages ​​that you will need to learn is Python, which is one of the most used and in-demand languages ​​in cybersecurity today.

In our previous article on learning Python, you will find all the resources you need to learn this powerful language, so be sure to refer to it.

In general, one of the best Python language courses that I advise you to start with are:

Python for Everybody Specialization from Coursera.

Course 2021 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python from Udemy.

I recommend the first course of Coursera, there are more than a million people who have joined it, and most of the comments about it are very positive and encouraging, and it is one of the best programming courses on the Internet.

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2. Networks

Learning networks is one of the most important things that a cybersecurity specialist should know. Most cyber attacks are carried out through different networks, and many types of these attacks are mainly network-related.

Networks, even if they are private internal networks, are one of the biggest weaknesses that hackers can enter through.

Because it is currently difficult for devices not to be connected to a network, it is your job as a cybersecurity specialist to defend them against any intrusion or cyber attacks.

You can start by taking the Complete Networking Fundamentals Course. Your CCNA start on Udemy.

3. Operation Systems

Operating systems Operation Systems is one of the basic requirements that any cybersecurity professional must learn and master.

Operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android, etc. regulate all the functions of the devices, so they are the first to be hacked and accessed unauthorizedly.

Your job is to make sure that your company's devices are not compromised, in addition to knowing how to secure them and secure the operating systems you are using against any attacks.

In addition to this, the Linux system is of great importance to professionals, because it contains A lot of important and useful software in this field that specialists love to use, and it is more difficult to hack than other operating systems.

4. Information Technology

Information technology is also one of the most important skills that you must learn and master well in order to become a specialist in the field of cybersecurity.

Fortunately, there are a number of powerful certifications that you can easily obtain from the Internet in IT, such as:

Google IT Professional Specialization on Coursera, which is one of the most prestigious online certifications in the field.

5. Computer Science

Computer science is indispensable for both cybersecurity and other technical fields, as it is essential to understanding how things work.

It is also fortunate that there are dozens of resources on the Internet for learning computer science, whether in English or Arabic.

There is no more popular and powerful online course than the famous CS50's Introduction to Computer Science course on Edx.

Finally, there are some other courses about learning cybersecurity that you can take a look at, such as:

IT Fundamentals for Cybersecurity on Coursera.

IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Specialization on Coursera.

Introduction to Cybersecurity on Udinese.

A Complete Cyber ​​Security Guide For Beginners 2021 course on Udemy.

Cyber ​​Security Learning Certificates

There are many certificates that are of great importance in the labor market. These professional certificates are proof that you have mastered technical skills.

According to statistics, approximately 35% of cybersecurity jobs require at least one of these certifications.

Among the most important of these certifications, which you should take into account:

Security + Certificate: These certificates are one of the most required certificates ever in the field of cyber security, as they are recognized by many authorities, especially the US Department of Defense.


CEH Certification: CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker is one of the most popular hacking certifications, and many are starting to get it.

OSCP Certification: This certification is the most advanced and sophisticated version of the CEH certification, which stands for Offensive Security Certified Professional, and is one of the most prestigious certifications in the industry.

CISSP: The Certified Information Security Professional, one of the most recognized and respected certifications in the cybersecurity field.

SANS Certification: These certifications are very reputable and popular as they are among the most awarded in the cybersecurity field.

CCNA Certificate: This certificate is from the global company Cisco, which is specialized in network security, so it is considered one of the most prestigious certificates in this field.

In general, these certificates are not the only ones. There are dozens of professional certificates in the field of cybersecurity, but I have mentioned the most important and most famous of them.

It is important when you start learning about cyber security, that you focus on getting the certifications that qualify you for the job you want.

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Other Important Resources About Learning Cyber ​​Security

In this article, I have tried to provide you with the best courses and programs - in my opinion - on these topics, but you do not have to adhere to them and follow them to the letter.

In fact, you do not have to follow this method from the ground up, there is no one right way to get started in this field but you are free to come up with a unique way for yourself.

Do not also follow the traditional methods, but you can enhance your learning with different YouTube channels that explain cybersecurity, such as:





Or you can look at some important books in teaching this field, such as:

Ethical Hacking: A Hands-on Introduction to Breaking In

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation

Metasploit: The Penetration Tester's Guide

The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing: Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Made Easy

Kali Linux – An Ethical Hacker's Cookbook: End-to-end penetration testing solutions

Black Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters

Or even listen to popular podcasts on this matter, such as:

Security Now

Darknet Diaries

Screaming in the Cloud

Is learning cyber security worth the time and effort?

The question that might come to your mind after reading the article would rather be a question about the return on the time and energy spent on studying this field.

The truth is that the returns exceed the effort dozens of times, as cyber security is one of the best fields now and in the future, and this is for many reasons.

There is a great and growing demand for cyber security professionals, and the shortage of workers in this field around the world is estimated at more than 4.5 million specialists, and this number is increasing exponentially every year.

The average salary for cyber security professionals is also very high, and in countries like the United States it may exceed $77,000, which is a lot while the average salary for the working class in other jobs is only about $37,000.

Other advantages related to the job, such as respect and appreciation, and the fact that companies try to provide the best conditions for it, is another reason that pushes you to enter this field.

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We have come to the end of our article, but you can share your questions and queries about learning cybersecurity, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Secrets of Google Search (How to Get Exactly What You Want Easily and Quickly)

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 If there is one skill that you have to learn because it is the most important in our time, then this skill is definitely mastering the use of the Google search engine. This applies to you, whatever your age, field of study, or specialty of your work. !

Yes, Google is the place from which you can access anything on the Internet, but in fact, not everyone is good at dealing with it as it should, in order to really reach what they want.

In this article, I will discuss with you a wide range of Google search secrets, which will enable you to access exactly what you want on the Internet very quickly and easily.

This article will enable you to use Google as a professional?

First, advanced Google search commands

Search command in a well-defined sentence

When you put a search word or phrase inside quotation marks, you are instructing Google to show results that contain that particular sentence. This is very important, because Google usually shows a lot of results that do not contain the exact words we type, as results may appear for synonyms of the search word you are looking for.

Example: “make money online”


Search command with a specific numeric rate

Google allows you to search in certain numerical rates, this is very useful in the case of searching for events in specific years, for example, or searching for products whose price ranges between two specific amounts.

Example: Canon camera $300..$500

The results will come for Canon cameras ranging in price from 300 to 500 dollars.

The search command excludes certain words

By using this command, you are telling Google that you want to search for a specific search phrase, excluding a word related to the topic, and the search results will return web pages that address the topic without addressing that word.

Example: As it is known, there is a brand of cars called Jaguar, and there is a predator that belongs to felines called by the same name.

Try the word: jaguar

Then try: Jaguar - a car

Then try: the jaguar - an animal.

In the first case you will get mixed results, in the second case all results that talk about the Jaguar will be excluded, in the third case all results that talk about the jaguar will be excluded.

Search command by linking keywords together

This is important if you want to search for a keyword, provided that it is related to another word or words.

Here we use the (+) sign to link the keywords we are looking for.

Example: Configuration in search engines + wordpress

Here, all the search results will talk about configuring sites that use WordPress, and the results will come related to the word WordPress specifically and not others.

search using or (OR) command

This command is useful if you want to search for more than one similar term, to get results that talk about this or that term. We use this sign (|) to separate the two words.

Example: “Internet Marketing” | “Online Marketing”

Here the OR command is used with the exact and definite sentence command at once.

Search command for a specific file type

By using the filetype command next to the search word and specifying the desired file type, search results will appear only for pages containing that file type.

Example: Dostoevsky's book filetype:pdf, here you will see results for pages containing only the pdf file.

Search command in a specific location

By typing the word :site and then the name of any site, you can give a command to Google to show search results from that site only.

Example: make money from YouTube

Search for links that match your keywords

With the :inurl command, you can tell Google to bring you results that contain links with specific words.

Example: inurl:seo7u

This will bring you the search results with the word "Seo7u" in the link.

Search command for topic titles that match the keywords

With the :intitle command, you can instruct Google to return search results whose title contains the search words.

Example: intitle:kik, here you will see results that contain only the word "kik" in their title.

Note the typing format is as in the image below in all these commands.

search command formatting

Webpage search command to get pages with similar content

With the :related command, you can get pages that are similar in content to any web page you want.

Example: related:

With this, you can get web pages similar in content to the page in our example above.

Social media search command

All you have to do here is to type the search word or phrase and then @, then any social networking site you want. You will only get search results on your chosen social networking site.

Example: donald trump @facebook

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Secondly, commands to get quick answers on the Google page directly

Through the commands below, you can get immediate answers and results directly on the Google search results page.

Search command by defining a word in the English dictionary

This command works only in English, through the Define command with the Google command, you can see a definition from the dictionary for any English word you choose.

Example: define:marketing

Calculation command (calculator)

Through Google, you can perform any calculation, and the result will appear to you immediately.

Example: 7 * 7, you will get the result of the calculation, in addition, Google will understand that you want to perform calculations, so it will show you an advanced calculator to perform other calculations.

Find out the current time anywhere in the world

All you have to do in this case is to write the time now and then the name of the country or city you want.

Example: The time is now England London

The command to know the weather anywhere in the world

Here too, all you have to do is By typing the weather in, and then typing the name of the city or country in which you want to know the weather.

Example: the weather in Paris, you will get the temperature throughout the day, the possibility of rain or not, the degree of wind, and some other information.

Order to know flight schedules

You can in an instant get the flight schedule between any two cities by using a simple search phrase.

Example: flights from Cairo to Dubai

Unit conversion command

There are many units of measurement that are used in one country and not used in others. For example, in Egypt we use the kilometer, but in America the unit of measurement is the mile.

Example: convert mile to km

A box will appear with all the units of measurement used for each type of measurement. You can choose the measurement type from the dropdown menu. Then choose two units of measurement to compare between them, this includes currencies as well.

Third, anatomy of the search page (Google Home)

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1- Sign in

Through this small button you can sign in to your Google account, it is known that the Google logo is one account for all the services you provide.

Signing in with Google during the search is very important, on the one hand, all the searches you have done are saved, and on the other hand, there are some services and settings that you must sign in to be able to use them.

2- Google products

By clicking on these dots that form a square, a list of some of the most important and most popular Google products and services will drop down. It is worth noting that these products are just a sample, by clicking on the “More” button shown in the image below, more services will appear.

This is also not all Google services.

3- Images or pictures

Because of the importance of searching in images, Google gives it a special link on the home page, enabling you to search only images of all kinds.

4- Gmail

This is a direct link to Google's email service.

5- Address bar

This indirect point has been addressed in our topic here because it is linked to two points at the core of our topic “Secrets of Google Search”.

You can write the search sentence directly in a rectangle or the link bar, and the search process will be performed directly, without the need to go to the main page of Goal.

Google has a special link for each of the countries.

For example, this is the Google search engine link for France

This is the search engine for the state of Egypt

Each of these links is specific to a specific country with the aim of improving the visitor's experience, and improving search results to match the people of that country. It is worth noting here that you can control this, for example, if you are Egyptian and travel to France, you can use the Egyptian Google search engine by going to the dedicated link, but in any case there are many who prefer to use (the general search engine), if you are one of the They use this link:

6- The rectangle for writing keywords

Something obvious and everyone knows it!

7- Search button

Also, something obvious, you can replace it by pressing the Enter button on your keyboard if you are using a computer.

8- Change language button

Google can know your country by the IP of your device, so if you are using a language other than your own, you can change the language with one click.


9- I'm feeling lucky . button

This button will take you directly to the first result of any search word, suitable for cases of moving to specific sites, for example, if you want to go to the Seo7u site: just write the Seo7u in the search box and then click the “I’m feeling lucky” button. You will go directly to the Seo7u site.

10- Voice search

One of the great Google search tools, that lets you search by speaking keywords instead of typing them.

This feature will be covered shortly.

11- Setting button

This part is very important and many do not know anything about it and have not approached it before.

When you press the setting button, a list of five text links will appear. This is the function of each of them, respectively:

Search setting

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search setting In the image above, in the far north above you will find three links: search results , languages ​​, help.

The most important one is the search results which are shown in the image above.

You will find that they are divided into transverse tables separated by lines, which are in a row.

The first table: Enables you to turn on Safe Search (its function is to block sexual content)

The second table: You can increase the number of search results displayed on each page, the default is 10.

The third table: This option makes Google show you results personally according to your previous activities.

Fourth table: Enables you to activate the Speak search results feature when you use Voice Search.

Fifth Table: This gives you the option to open the search results in a new tab in your Internet browser.

Sixth table: will be taken up shortly.

Seventh table: You can set the country in which you use Google.

In the end, you have to press the save button to save the options you prefer, as for the Language, Help tab.

One is concerned with changing the language used by Google, and the other contains help articles that Google makes available to serve its users.

Advanced Search

Through it, you can perform an advanced search that includes many options. Most of these options were addressed in the search commands we discussed above, but Google provides them here in the form of options for ease of use.

History (My Activity)

From here, my friend, you can access an accurate record of all your searches on Google.

Search Help

It is a help page that Google provides to its users, containing some important information and articles on using Google.

Send Feedback

A great tool that enables you to send an opinion or make a complaint to Google from any violating web page, and you will also find a link to this tool in the drop-down list when you press the Setting button. You will also find a link to it on every page of the search results.

Send a complaint or offer an idea

When you press this button, a window will pop up in front of you as shown in the image. In the place of the first arrow, write your complaint or idea. As for the second arrow, it is a method provided by Google, which enables you to take a screenshot from the search results page, and also enables you to shade the result. for which you would like to file a complaint.

Fourth, specialized search engines affiliated with Google

Yes, when you perform a search on Google, you will get a variety of results, but Google has search engines that are more specialized in certain types of results.

image search engine

This is the Google search engine that specializes in searching for images. You can search through it using keywords or using voice search. You can also search by uploading an image from your device, or searching with an image link on the Internet.

After the results appear, you can filter the results according to many variables, including:

Filter photos by color, type, size or date. On the search results page at the top, click on the Tools button, then set the filter options.

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video search engine

Run a search, then choose a video from the selection bar at the bottom of the search rectangle on the search results page.

You will see all the videos related to the search word used, the results will not be from YouTube only, but from many other sources besides YouTube, also by clicking on the tools button as in the example of the image search engine, you can filter the videos according to quality, according to time or According to the source.

Search engine places on the map

All you have to do is go to the main page of Google Map, and type the name of any city, restaurant or famous store (Google coverage varies in terms of accuracy and comprehensiveness depending on the country). Type the name of the place you want, then press search and it will appear on the map with precision. You can zoom in and out on the map to get more details, or to know the places around the place you are looking for.

Google earth . search engine

Do you want to take a tour around our beloved blue planet while you are in your place? Turn off the lights, grab your favorite drink and start your tour now with Google Earth. Different from the places search engine, Google Earth is a natural 3D simulation of planet Earth.

Google News search engine

You can choose the news by country or by field (scientific, political, economic, etc.). You can also personalize your account according to your interests and according to your country, so that the news you are interested in appears on the home page, and from the sources you want as well. Click the gear button at the top right and set your Google News account.

Google Alerts (on-demand search engine)

Google Alerts is not exactly a search engine as the previous ones, but it is a tool based on the Google search engine, through which you can select topics of interest to you, and put them in your account.

When a web page is published about the topics you have selected, it will be sent to you in an email.

Google Books search engine

This is another amazing specialized search engine, through which you can search for any keyword in millions of online books.

Google will show you the pages related to your search phrase in all the books that dealt with that phrase (found in the Google Library project).

Academic search engine Google Scholar

This is a search engine for everything that is academic, through which you can access scientific research, university curricula, and many academic scientific books.

Google Patent search engine

This is a search engine that specializes in patents. You can find out a lot of information about any patent you want through this great search engine.

Hot events search engine Google Trends

Through this search engine, you can find out the most interesting events of the audience at a particular time. You can search for any word also to measure the audience's interest in it over a specific period of time.

voice search engine

Here in order to use this search engine, you must have a microphone connected to your computer (you can use it from your mobile phone). You can set your account to speak quick answers to you, and you can activate the feature to speak answers from the Search setting fourth table.

The wonderful thing about voice search, is that it represents a live discussion between you and Google, for example: press the microphone button and then say Magdi Yacoub, the results that talk about Dr. Magdi Yacoub will appear to you, press the button again and say How old is he, here is Google He will understand that you are talking about Magdi Yacoub without mentioning the name, and the tooth will be pronounced.

Fifthly, general tips and ideas about searching on Google

In order to get accurate results, avoid writing general words

Searching for general words will make the search results more crowded and diverse, and you do not need that, of course, especially in the case of obtaining information about a specialized sub-topic, for example, a search phrase such as (Egypt’s history) will bring you very many and varied search results because it is not specific, As for the phrase (the Pharaonic history of Egypt), it will bring you more specialized and targeted results.

But the sentence (The History of Pharaonic Egypt, Fifth Dynasty) will be better, better, and more specialized.

The order of the search sentence makes a difference in the order of the search results

The search engine Google works according to the priority of words and accordingly prepares the results and arranges them. For example, the search results for the sentence YouTube case study are different from the search results for the sentence YouTube case study, you can try it yourself.


You must possess the spirit of a curious seeker (don't give up easily)

Formulate your research sentences differently. The topic you are looking for may have been addressed but in a different form than you thought.

Read the search results and try to reach the end of a new thread, to start the search process over in a more professional manner.

Letter case, punctuation, and spelling are all unimportant

In the case of searching in English, writing the words in capital letters does not bring different results than Write it in small letters, also it is not important to end your research sentence with a question mark or a period.

Do not forget to share the topic with your friends in order to benefit.

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