Telegram marketing guide and how to use it to achieve your goals

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 Telegram marketing is one of the most important methods of e-marketing due to the huge capabilities that this application provides.

It is true that Telegram is an application dedicated to sending and receiving messages, but it can be used in other areas, as some carry out sales on Telegram or use it to market content, interact with potential customers, and many other things.

Telegram app provides a large number of features and tools to its users which makes it an excellent tool for online marketing. In this article, we explain to you the advantages of telegram marketing and the steps that you must take to start making optimal use of it.

Telegram Marketing

Telegram marketing is one of the cheapest online marketing methods as it is completely free. It is true that you may need to pay some money sometimes to publish your channel or group on it, but it does not require you to pay a subscription for the tools it offers, like some other applications.

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Advantages of telegram marketing

Other than the cheap cost of its use, Telegram provides several excellent features as a social networking application or e-marketing method, such as:


1. Unlimited Storage

All your messages and files on Telegram are stored in the cloud storage method on the servers of the application itself, in other words, you will not be limited to a specific storage space while using the application, as is the case with the WhatsApp application, for example.

Unlimited storage space enables you to store all your telegram marketing files without having to give them up to add new files, and it also allows you to send high-quality pictures or marketing clips to your customers without being restricted to a specific space.

Note: Telegram allows sending files up to 2 GB in size per file, a feature that is not available in most similar applications, and it is expected that Telegram will support sending larger files in the future.

2. You can access your messages on Telegram from any device

Your files on Telegram are stored on the application servers, which enables you to access them through any device, all you have to do is log into your account on Telegram from the new device to be able to access all your files.

Internet marketers often rely on a certain number of messages and files to market their products and services. The ability to access these files from anywhere without the need to download or save them to a backup storage unit facilitates the process of marketing through Telegram.

3. The ability to send files and photos in their original quality

Telegram allows you to send multimedia files such as photos and videos in their original quality. The files of the marketing process on Telegram are often huge in their initial forms, and here you can use Telegram to save these files. The presence of these files on demand facilitates the process of accessing them and modifying them later according to the marketing objectives.

Social media platforms such as Facebook reduce the quality of files uploaded to them to reduce the amount of data sent, and this does not happen with Telegram.

Telegram gives you the option to send files in their original quality or compress them to save data consumption. Having both options in sending files gives marketers more freedom in dealing with their files on Telegram and sending the appropriate quality to each category of customers.

4. You can send any file through Telegram

Most social media programs and platforms support sending a certain number of files, or specifically file formats and extensions. The Telegram application enables you to send any file you want, whatever its extension or category. Add the unlimited storage feature to the feature of sending any file and you will get a giant cloud storage space for free.

5. The ability to create a chatbot or chatbot

Most chatting and communication programs provide automatic reply tools, but what Telegram provides is an automated chatting program that works with artificial intelligence. The chatbot saves a lot of time and effort in the Telegram marketing process.

6. The ability to add a large number of people to your group on Telegram

The Telegram application enables you to add 200,000 individuals in one communication channel, a number that most other communication applications do not allow. This feature is suitable for marketers who communicate with a large number of customers and prefer to communicate through one application.

7. The ability to add an unlimited number of people to your channel on Telegram

Telegram allows you to add an unlimited number of subscribers to your channel. Telegram channels are very similar to YouTube channels. We will refer to the difference between the group and the channel on Telegram and the advantages of each later in the article.

8. The ability to communicate with users without having to know their numbers

The Telegram application enables you to communicate with users without the need to know their personal phone numbers, this is a necessary feature in the field of Telegram marketing.

Communication through the username protects the data of the e-marketer, as it does not force the customer to add the communication data.

Telegram marketing steps

Like any electronic marketing method, telegram marketing is a process that needs planning and arrangement.

1. Set your goal

To fully benefit from any e-marketing method, you must specify your goal of using it. Telegram can help you achieve a large number of marketing goals, and you can even rely on it to increase your sales.

Some of the goals you can achieve through Telegram are:

a) Increase the number of visitors to your site

You can use Telegram to alert your visitors of important events and news on your site. You can use Telegram to be an alternative to the traditional email newsletter.

E-mails are still an effective way to bring in website visitors, but their ability to alert the user is limited compared to for telegram. The latter provides better features in terms of display on mobile devices and multiple options in terms of user alerting method.

b) Provide strong customer service

If you have an online store or a website that offers certain services, you can rely on Telegram as a quick way to communicate with your customers.

Telegram provides a feature called click-to-chat, this feature allows you to rely on the application as a messaging and communication service. Most of your customers may already have an account on Telegram and by integrating the application on your site, you can turn it into a chat box.

Any website or online store needs a tool that provides a chat box to communicate with customers, which can be costly. You can rely on Telegram as a tool that enables you to communicate with your customers and provide technical support to them efficiently and for free.

c) increase your sales

Telegram will greatly benefit you in informing your customers of the offers and discounts that you have activated on your online store. Make sure that the alert messages are focused on the products that have offers or discounts.

Do not write long sentences in the promotional message for product offers, but you can add a product image and its price before and after the sale. For discounts on product categories, you can add an image for the category with the percentage of discount.

d) Eliminate routine email marketing tasks

You can rely on Telegram to carry out routine marketing tasks that you usually have to do yourself on a regular basis. These tasks may include answering repeated questions, alerting your audience to a specific event at certain intervals of time, or directing new visitors to useful links, for example.

2. Create an account on Telegram

Telegram allows you to create three different types of accounts:

a) Group account

You can add nearly 200 thousand members to the group, this form of account allows members to send all kinds of files. Any member of the group can add a picture, audio file, or video for the rest of the members to see.

You can control group privacy settings to be public or private depending on your marketing goals.

The public group can be searched for and entered by any individual and see the messages in it, the private group cannot be found through the search, and it can only be joined through a special invitation link or manually added by an administrator in it.

b) channel

Telegram channels are designed to communicate with a huge number of members, as there is no limit to the number of members that can be added to the channel.

The channel differs from the group in several points, including:

Only the channel admin can add posts to the channel.

All members are notified when a new post is added.

The channel administrator shows the number of people who viewed each post he added on his Telegram channel.

Telegram provides tools to view user interaction statistics (available on channels with 500+ subscribers).

c) an automated chat box

Remember the point about the routine tasks that Telegram can handle? Yes this is the perfect account to take on those tasks.

The chatbot simulates conversations you can have with customers to answer traditional questions, and you can use it to help customers find specific products they are looking for, or offer specific products based on their questions.

The uses of chatbots are limitless, whether in the field of e-marketing or the field of communication with customers.

Telegram marketing tips

1. Don't post content all the time

Naturally, any marketer would like to alert his customers to what he publishes, but no one likes to be alerted several times a day. Publishing content in abundance leads to many alerts, which may appear your channel in an annoying way to your customers and may force them to turn it into silent mode or exit it.


Try to post on Telegram at different times of the day and in proportion to the times of your customers.

2. Add featured content on your channel or telegram group

Distinctive content in general is the secret of the success of any e-marketer, and of course Telegram marketing is not excluded from it. Make sure that you add unique and attractive content on your channel or your Telegram group.

Your customers' admiration for the content you add to your channel or group on Telegram will lead to the achievement of your marketing goals.

3. Interact online on global forums

Don't think that interaction on global forums like Quora and Reddit is limited to websites and small businesses. There are a large number of giant companies that regularly post their products on Quora and Reddit.

Global forums have a huge number of visitors interested in all fields, which means that your interaction on them is important and necessary. The goal of posting and interacting on these forums is to increase the number of your followers and attract visitors interested in the field of your channel on Telegram.

Posting your telegram channel link on Quora and Reddit should be done carefully and professionally.

You can add your channel on Telegram on Reddit in the same way you used on Quora, add a professional reply to a topic related to your channel field and then add your channel link at the end of the reply to attract visitors to it.

4. Add your telegram channel link in your e-signature

Your e-signature is the last few words you add in your messages or e-posts. The perfect place for your channel link is in your e-signature for emails you send to your customers, or the content you publish on social media platforms.

In general, e-marketers add links to their channels and pages on social media, adding your telegram channel link in your posts and messages, making it easier for your customers to access them instead of searching for them randomly.

5. Create your own chatbot (bot)

Dealing with customers and responding to their inquiries may be a stressful and routine work, especially since customers expect you to respond all the time, here comes the role of the chatbot to help You are responsible for responding to routine inquiries and sending promotional messages about your products.

The idea of ​​creating a chat bot may be intimidating to some because it requires some technical knowledge, do not worry, there are a large number of sites through which you can create your own bot for free and without the need to learn a programming language or go through difficult technical complications.

6. Create both channel and group

A question that may confuse some: Do you create a group or a channel on Telegram?

If you can't decide what to create on Telegram to promote your products or the content you're marketing to, create both.

For example, you can create a channel that publishes only official news and updates for your website or online store, and a group can be used as a medium for users to exchange their questions and problems and help each other.

As for marketing products and offers, the Telegram channel is more suitable for this role than the group. The channel only allows its owner to publish, which ensures that the channel's publications include the most important offers and discounts and do not contain publications from members, as is the case with the group.

Here are the steps for creating a Telegram channel

Note: Some shapes of icons and labels may differ slightly from one operating system to another, but the steps themselves do not differ from any operating system, and the pictures in the explanation below are taken from the Telegram application on the Windows operating system.

a) Click on the tab next to the search box as shown in the following image:

Create a Telegram channel, the first step

b) Choose to create a new channel:

Create a telegram channel, step two

c) In the following image, the Telegram will ask you to specify the following:

Create a telegram channel, step three

Channel name (mandatory)

channel image (optional)

Channel description (optional)

You can start by specifying the name of the channel at the beginning and add the rest of the data later, press create to create the channel after choosing its name.

D) After choosing the name, you will see the option of channel privacy between private or public, and its link. Do not worry, you can modify the privacy to suit you. Then press Save to save your selection and move on to the next step.

Create a telegram channel step four

e) Telegram chooses you between sharing your channel link or inviting your friends on Telegram to the channel, you can add your friends now or skip this step and press Skip to finish creating the channel.

Create a Telegram channel, step five

f) Would you like to modify the channel options? No problem, click on the three dots next to the channel name, as in the following image:

Create a Telegram channel, step six

You can also click on Manage Channel to view and edit channel options

Create a Telegram channel, step seven

In the following image, you will see all your channel data and all available modifications in terms of:

Add image.

Add a description for the channel.

Change privacy settings.

The number of channel administrators.

Link the channel to a group on Telegram.

number of subscribers.

Delete subscribers.

Delete the channel.

Create a telegram channel step eight

Press Save to save the new settings or Cancel to cancel and not make any changes to it.

Creating a group on Telegram is done in the same way as creating a channel, but the step of adding members is mandatory, and it is not possible to create a group without it.

7. Use Telegram to promote other social media links and vice versa

If you have a page on Facebook, Instagram, or even a group on the WhatsApp application, do not hesitate to share the links of these pages on the Telegram from time to time and vice versa as well.

Use the medium that you have the largest number of followers on to publish the link of the method that you have recently started to use. It is useful to be present as an online marketer on more than one means and communication platform.

Some users abandon a communication application every once in a while for various reasons that may be related to the application or its use. To avoid losing some customers due to the lack of popularity of one of the applications or the failure of one of them, it is preferable to rely on more than one application to communicate with them.

Sharing your channel link on Telegram on social media and global forums is a semi-guaranteed way to increase your followers on it.

8. Don't change your channel's content

If you have a channel on Telegram that you use to market certain products, do not suddenly add posts to products belonging to another category. Changing the content of the channel suddenly is a quick way to lose followers, especially if this is done without consulting them.


If you want to post new content or market a new category of products on your telegram channel, the best solution is to create a new channel.

You can promote the new channel through your first channel.

A change in content or product category is a total change such as moving from science content to entertainment content or vice versa.

9. Watch out for updates

Telegram is developing rapidly and gaining new features every day, try to be aware of the features of each update and how they can be exploited. The developers of Telegram are working on developing it to be a reliable application to do all tasks, including, of course, marketing.

Be sure to read the instructions for each update that occurs on the Telegram application to take advantage of it in the best possible way.

10. Use a hashtag

Yes, the Telegram application provides the ability to add a hashtag, such as the one on the Twitter or Facebook platform. You can add a hashtag within your telegram marketing messages to make it easier for your customers and followers to find messages that belong to one topic.

For example, you can add a specific hashtag to distinguish messages about offers on the products you are marketing for, and you can customize another hashtag for general updates and another for new products, and so on.

11. How do I post on Telegram?

Posting on Telegram is very easy, like any social networking platform or application, and its steps are simple, and here are pictures of it:

1. Choose the channel, group or friend you want to share with you Pray with him and click on his icon.

Posting on Telegram is the first step

2. Type your message in the writing space.

Posting on Telegram is the second step

3. Click on the button to add a photo or clip. (optional step)

Posting on Telegram is the third step

4. Click the Submit button.

Posting in Telegram is the fourth step

The channel allows you to notify your subscribers when you add new content with the normal sound of alerts or silently through vibration.

Tips to increase the number of your followers on Telegram

To be able to successfully market through Telegram, you need a large number of followers, and here are some tips that may help you achieve this.

1. Share your channel or group on Telegram with your friends

The easiest way to get first subscribers for a channel is to share the link of your channel or group with your friends. Ask your friends to share the link with their friends and acquaintances and so on, this method will help to get nearly 100 members easily.

You can also manually add your friends on your Telegram account to your channel or group.

2. Ad exchange

Make an advertising exchange with other Telegram channels by exchanging promotional posts with the administrators of other Telegram channels. The goal of the exchange is to familiarize the members of each channel with the content of the other channel and encourage them to subscribe to it.

Ad exchange usually does not cost anything but it may be difficult in the beginning, to implement ad exchange it is preferable to have at least 2000 members on your channel so that the owners and other administrators are interested in promoting their content on your telegram channel.

3. Paid ads

It is okay to use paid advertising campaigns to publish your channel link on Telegram, e-marketing in general relies on advertisements as a primary means of spreading.

Telegram marketing is generally inexpensive, which means that there is room to pay a sum of money to support it and make use of it appropriately.

 Advertising campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook can be relied upon to promote your channel on Telegram. Make sure to define your goal in your advertising campaign and, if possible, use a professional marketer in the field of marketing on social media platforms.

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4. Provide special content to your followers on Telegram

Telegram is an excellent means for content marketing, as it has some advantages that are not found in other means of communication. You can inform your Facebook customers that you are providing new and exclusive content on your Telegram channel.

Choose topics or publications that fit the nature of the telegram and add them to your group or channel on it exclusively, the exclusive content will push your customers and followers to communicate with you via the telegram, which will contribute to the marketing of your products.

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Telegram marketing is a flexible idea because it is based on a flexible application that constantly changes and develops for the better. Do you use Telegram to communicate with your friends or follow channels in specialized fields? We are interested to know your experience of using this application and its features in the comments.

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