How to define an online store idea in simple practical steps

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 Do you want to start your own business on the Internet, whether to increase your income or for a new experience? Heard about those people who make thousands of dollars a month and you want to join them?

That's great, but you can't settle on a single idea for your online store and don't know what products are right for your store and which ones to sell on. Isn't that right?

Do you often think about which ideas and products will be more profitable and will be able to gain the trust of those looking for it? Do not worry this article is for you.

In this article, we will give you everything you need to know in order to determine the idea of ​​a profitable online store as well as the products that you will sell on it.

Why you should take good care of defining your online store idea

There are hundreds and thousands of ideas on the market and all of them have tempting advantages and repulsive drawbacks, and all of them could be right for you which makes choosing among them difficult.

So getting the idea of ​​a profitable online store is one of the biggest challenges people face when starting an e-commerce business.

Choosing the idea will entail many things… such as the nature of the products, how to market them, and the marketing plan for your store.

Through this idea, you will choose the keywords that you will play on, and you will choose the unique selling point of your products that is consistent with the category that you have targeted.

Based on all of this, you should pay close attention to defining the idea of ​​your online store, and you must give this matter the appropriate time, thinking and research.

In fact, determining the right online store idea for you and your own circumstances will be the first challenge that will contribute significantly to your success, so do not do it randomly.

Do not worry, we have prepared a plan for you in simple practical steps that will enable you to define the idea of ​​your online store on a thoughtful and practical basis… Just read on.

Steps to defining an e-store idea

There are some steps that we think will help you very much in defining the idea of ​​an online store, and they are exactly 5 steps that we will discuss shortly.

But before we discuss it, I must make it clear to you that our strategy for defining the idea of ​​an online store is rather a filtering strategy.

We start with a set of ideas and then reduce them one by one until we reach a small group of 3 or 4 ideas that we choose among them in the end.

The first step: start with the ideas that interest you and know about them

It is better to define an online store idea that you are passionate about and know about, it is foolish to sell products that you do not like and do not know anything about.

Grab a pen and paper and start brainstorming and writing down all the ideas that come to your mind one by one. It's best to have your friends or family with you at this point.

There are some questions that will help you at this stage in determining the idea of ​​an online store, such as:

Is there a niche you have experience with?

What products do you like to buy and know a lot about?

What products do your friends and family turn to for help?

What products do you buy the most?

What stores do you buy the most from?

What products do you know what their buyers need?

Through these questions and with the help of your friends and family, you will find that you have written dozens of possible online store ideas, and from here we move to the second step.

Step 2: Find out if there is enough research on these ideas

The second step in deciding on a profitable online store idea is to find out if there are others interested in that idea or products.

You can do this easily by doing Keyword Research using various tools, such as:


Google Trend Tool.

Google Keyword planner tool.

Ubersuggest tool

Keywords Explorer by Ahrefs.

Eliminate ideas whose keywords don't get enough Search Volume, that means these stores and their products aren't receiving enough attention.

This step in defining the idea of ​​an online store is that you combine your passion with what is required in the market.

In this step, you must take into account the use of keywords that the customer who wants to buy is searching for, for example if you are going to sell mobile phones.

Do not search for “mobile phones” or even “mobile phones prices”, but rather “buy mobile phones”, “mobile phones in Cairo”, “mobile phones at the best prices” and so on.

You can also search in a very smart way, like using Flippa which is a site to buy and sell websites and online stores.

This site asks owners of stores and sites that they offer for sale to provide them with traffic and monthly profits.

Which will give you a glimpse of the successful ideas and their estimated profits - not the actual because most of those stores are foreign and not Arab -.

Flippa . site

You'll find that after that step your list has probably halved, that's fine, now to step three.

Step Three: Identify customer problems, figure out how to fix them, and find the unique selling point

You may have already found this during your research, these ideas have dozens and hundreds of online stores and there is no guarantee that you will stand out from them in any way.

This is the role of that step in determining the idea of ​​a profitable online store, and you can call it the stage of study and research.

Do a complete study and research on each idea separately, and research the possibility of implementing it and whether it will distinguish itself from other competing online stores.

And also studying the nature of the products that you will provide, and about the behavior of consumers towards these products, and the extent of their need for them.

The most important thing you do in this step or stage is to identify the problems facing the customers of these stores and try to come up with solutions to their problems.

You will be able to access this information through groups on Facebook or by reviewing customer reviews on social media platforms different.

Also, the advantage of having a lot of experience in your niche is that you really know what's going on in it.

Step Four: Spy on Competitors and Find the Unique Selling Point.

After narrowing down your list more and more search for well-known and powerful stores that focus on the same idea you are targeting.

Enter their stores and learn about their different strengths and weaknesses, see how you can outsmart them.

Get to know the mistakes they make and learn from them, and know well the opinions of their customers and what they want from them.


This step will help you identify your Unique Selling Point, which will distinguish you from other stores in the market, and in short, the reason why customers will buy from you and not from you.

Step Five: Try These Ideas

This step may not be practical for everyone, but I advise you to do it especially if you have a budget that allows you to do this.

After you have 3 or 4 ideas test them and this is through a landing page that shows some of the products you are thinking of selling.

Run a paid advertising campaign on Google and try out some of your different ideas on how one of these stores might operate, showcase a variety of products that you target to your customers and do A/B tests.

The results of these campaigns will help you come up with the most profitable online store idea you have.

In the event that you need help in obtaining a profitable online store idea, I advise you to view our curated list of profitable online store ideas through the article in the following link:

Here are some important tips that will make a big difference to you when choosing an online store idea:

Try to keep in mind the logistics of shipping, packaging, and more when deciding on an online store idea.

Make sure that the idea of ​​your online store brings real and serious benefit to your customers.

Balance choosing a large Macro Niche that is hard to compete with and a Micro Niche that won't pay much for you.

Stay away from seasonal products and store ideas, and choose an online store idea that will bring you profit all year round, according to seasons and conditions.

Find the right product pricing method that will attract customers to your store and set you apart from your competition.

Keep abreast of market updates and changes in audience and consumer behavior to be able to provide products and services that suit them.

If you are still a beginner in e-commerce try to focus on only one specialty at first for ease of marketing and audience targeting and building a well-known brand in the market, then start expanding and spreading.

The most important advice of all is to keep abreast of new articles on the winners site, especially in e-marketing and e-commerce, because it will help you double your profits and sales.


Determining the idea of ​​an online store is one of the most important challenges faced by those who want to enter the field of e-commerce, but the e-commerce market is still promising, through which new ideas can be implemented and start selling and investing.

But there are many steps and tools that help them come up with the best ideas that the market and its audience need.

All you need is to use brainstorming to extract possible ideas and start researching and studying the possibility of implementing them.

We hope in the end that you like this article, and if you have any question or inquiry, write it in the comments and we will be happy to answer you.

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