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Best English Podcasts (18 Podcasts You Must follow)


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In our world today there are at least 2.7 million podcasts with over 126 million episodes. The numbers are staggering, aren't they?

Podcasts are one of the most promising forms of content these days, which are competing with other forms of content such as books, articles, and others.

Despite the delay in podcast programs in the Arab world, they are very popular and interest in the United States and Europe.

They - especially the English podcasts - are very useful and rich with information and experience, and they also fit our fast-paced daily lifestyle that leaves us with little room for learning like in the past.

You can listen and benefit from podcasts while on the move, while you are doing the dishes, or during any other routine activity, which is why many people - including me - listen to it extensively and become addicted to it.


And in this article I will present to you the best English podcasts that I listen to regularly, and which I think you will like.

1. TED Talks Daily podcast

If you love Ted Talks like I do, and enjoy the huge variety of knowledge and experiences that are offered in it, then you will definitely love this podcast.

A podcast is no different from video versions of conversations, it is simply an audio version of the most famous and powerful TED Talks.

Every day, a new episode is published on podcast platforms that range from microbiology to artificial intelligence and space.

There are a lot of episodes that I love about podcasts, but I'll recommend just three:

What regret can teach you about living a good life.

How gratitude rewires your brain.

Two reasons companies fail — and how to avoid them.

2. Podcast We Study Billionaires

Have you ever thought about how people like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk became billionaires? Have you ever wished you knew what secrets they know and don't?

Well, your lucky day, this podcast analyzes the behavior of billionaires, how they got rich, and what lessons and secrets we can learn from them.

The podcast is a lot of fun, not as boring as the word “analysis” sounds, and I’m personally addicted to it and I listen to new episodes constantly.

I would like to recommend to you as the beginning of three episodes that dealt with the famous billionaire Warren Buffett:

Warren Buffett Investing Basics

Warren Buffett Investing Basics Pt. 2

Warren Buffett's 4 Rules to Stock Investing

Also, if you liked this podcast, you will definitely like these similar English podcasts:

How I Built This with Guy Raz

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

3. Hidden Brain  Podcast

The Hidden Brain podcast is one of the very special English podcasts that discuss the hidden and mysterious side of human behaviour.

Podcasts examine the behaviors we do that often seem vague, illogical, and sometimes random, in order to reveal the hidden patterns, motives, and drivers that make us do what we do.


The podcast is Shankar Vedantam, an American science writer and journalist interested in the social sciences, human behavior, and other similar topics.

I recommend that you start with my two episodes: Lonely Hearts and When Did Marriage Become So Hard.

4. Planet Money Podcast

The fourth podcast on our list is one of the best, if not the best, financial and economic podcasts of all time.

The Planet Money podcast explains the economy in a very interesting way as well as predicting what will happen to the US and global economy.

The show started in 2008 with the aim of covering the then financial crisis, and since then it has been one of the most listened to English podcasts in general and the most listened to in its category.

There are a lot of episodes that I loved, but I'll only recommend two:

Google Is Big. Is That Bad?

When CEO Pay Exploded.

And if you like this podcast, you will definitely love another podcast similar to it and rivaling it in popularity, which is Freakonomics Radio.

Read also: How to start a podcast (from scratch to launching a podcast)

5. Crime Junkie Podcast

If you follow English podcasts, you will find that a lot of them are about accidents and real crimes, especially murders, and by many I mean dozens and hundreds.

Americans - especially - love real murders and love to know all the details about them and understand the background of the criminals, so you will find that there are many books, programs and podcasts specialized in this subject.

One of the most famous of these is the Crime Junkie podcast that we are talking about in this article, which will give you the dose of horror and crime you need.

I won't recommend specific episodes for you, but I will recommend a few other popular podcasts in this category:

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast



6. Revisionist History Podcast

I started listening to this podcast last year because it was presented by Malcolm Gladwell, a famous writer who has written several bestselling books, such as Outliers, Talking to Strangers, and more.

And the podcast never disappoints me, it takes us back to the past and reveals moments and events that we misunderstand today, or that we didn't remember at all even though they affected our lives in one way or another.

The episode starts with a person, event, or idea and then Malcolm Gladwell continues to ask questions about it, and that's the magic of the podcast that makes it, in my opinion, one of the best English podcasts I follow.

I recommend that you start by listening to the episodes:


McDonald's Broke My Heart

7. Podcast In Our Time

If you thought that the BBC only offers podcasts for learning English because of our previous article: 16 Best Podcasts for Learning English, you are very wrong.

The BBC offers many other great English podcasts, on top of which is the In Our Time podcast that discusses the history of ideas.

With each episode, he delves deeper into history to research the famous ideas behind scientific theories, philosophical visions, and more.

The podcast is very interesting and you should watch it from time to time, and some of the best episodes I've listened to:

Higgs Boson

1816, the Year Without a Summer

Common Sense Philosophy

8. The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast

You may not know this podcast, but you certainly know its presenter, Tim or Timothy Ferris, the investor and author of the famous book “The 4 Hour work week.”

The podcast is very special, and this is because it consists of interviews with many of the best personalities in their fields, such as: Seth Godin, Neil Gaiman, Maria Popova, Tony Robbins and others.

With this podcast, Tim tries to find out what made them so successful and the best in their fields, which is why it's worth listening to.

And if you liked this podcast, you will definitely love:

Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin

The GaryVee Audio Experience

9. The Philosophize This! Podcast

I love reading - a lot of my friends describe me as a reading worm - but even so I find it very difficult when I read philosophy books.

There are a lot of complex terms and ideas based on other ideas that precede them, which makes it difficult to understand them in depth if you are not an expert.

But a big part of that knot got resolved after I discovered the English podcast, and in fact this podcast is the first English podcast I've listened to in 4 years.

Podcast Philosophize This! It is one of the most popular philosophy podcasts of all time with hundreds of thousands of followers, and its episodes have been listened to, without exaggeration, tens of millions of times.

This podcast will help you understand philosophy without having to read complex reference books or having to spend hours just understanding a single idea.

The podcast is designed for beginners and non-professionals like us who want to dig a little deeper into philosophy, so I encourage you to listen to it.

I will not recommend a single episode for you, as they are all wonderful and amazing, but I will recommend another podcast similar to it, which is The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps.

10. Business Wars Podcast

Do you like economic struggles? Are you following the war between Apple and Facebook today? Do you enjoy learning how Netflix eliminated Blockbuster?


Well, this will be the best English podcast you have to start listening to, the Business Wars podcast discusses the economic wars between the biggest companies and brands around the world, and has so far presented more than 50 of them.

And when I say discuss, he delves deeper into these wars, and summarizes for you all the details you need to know in a few hours.

11. Podcast Everything is Alive

This podcast is one of the most interesting English podcasts you'll ever listen to, it talks about inanimate objects, yes, inanimate objects, interviews them and lets them unleash themselves.

I know you're very surprised, but the podcast is amazing and so weird, and it combines storytelling, fantasy, and reality in a way that is so special to it.

Podcasts will help you relax and escape from reality "Escapism", and in some way will make you able to feel a little more yourself.

I recommend these episodes that I really liked:

Louis, Can of Cola

Dennis, Pillow

Mirror, Mirror

12. Life Kit Podcast

Being an adult is hard, we often don't know what to do, how to raise our kids or how to keep and invest our money, we all need help with a lot of things in our lives.

In short, this podcast is the help we all need, giving you all the advice you need to live your life right.

The podcast, which is definitely one of the best English podcasts that I love to listen to, discusses many things such as sleep, seasonal depression, gift giving, raising children, and more.

Some of the episodes I enjoyed the most:

7 Tips For Coping With Uncertainty About The Future.

How To Make A Hard Decision.

How To Deal With Burnout.

13. Discovery podcast

With another BBC podcast, the Discovery podcast that focuses on exploring science and scientific theories.

But don't worry, the podcast isn't boring at all. On the contrary, you'll find a lot of interesting episodes, like the ones that teach you some chemistry facts that will help you bake the perfect cake, yes you read it right.

I highly recommend you and your kids to listen to this podcast, and I won't recommend specific episodes for you, they are all good, start with episodes that talk about the sciences you love.

14. The New Yorker Podcast: Fiction

If you love literature, especially novels and short stories, you will absolutely love this podcast, as it deals with these things in detail.

But this is not unique about him, but that those who talk about literature and novels in it are actually novelists and writers, and this is what makes the podcast its magic.

It can be a little difficult to listen to because the language they speak is literary and cultural but overall it is one of the best literary English podcasts.


Among the episodes I like the most:

Orhan Pamuk Reads Vladimir Nabokov.

Ben Marcus Reads Kazuo Ishiguro.

Robert Coover Reads Italo Calvino.

15. Do you really know podcast

The Do you really know podcast is one of the short English podcasts that I really like, and the idea is that it explains a term or idea that might be new to you in 3-5 minutes.

Those terms and ideas you thought you knew will be explored again through this podcast.

There are a lot of good podcasts out there, and I'm not going to recommend a specific one for you but invite you to explore and enjoy yourself.

16. Every Little Thing Podcast

Why do we cry? How are streets named? Can a person really bury a corpse in their backyard? Do animals dance? Is your cat trying to kill you?

All of these weird questions and more are answered in this podcast, like your bedtime answering machine.

In each episode, the podcast addresses a question - usually strange - and tries to answer it, and the beautiful thing about this podcast is that these questions are sent by listeners.

There are a lot of interesting and interesting episodes that I listened to in this podcast, and I recommend that you start with:

Pink for Girls, Blue for Boys — Why

Is My Cat Trying to Murder Me

17. Modern Love Podcast

Modern Love or “Modern Love” is one of the most famous columns in the New York Times newspaper that is followed by millions around the world, which has been converted into 3 books, a TV show and also a podcast.

Podcasts and columns talk about the intricacies of love, connection, and the feelings we live and affect us in our lives, perhaps turning our lives upside down for better or worse.

If you are a fan of the Friday Post segment and Abdel Wahab Mutawa’s books like me, you will definitely love this podcast, and I encourage you to explore the episodes and listen to one that catches your attention.

18. Rabbit Hole Podcast

The last podcast on our list is one of my most loved English podcasts, and it deals with something I've always thought about, which is how the internet affects our lives.

The podcast is a short 8-episode series presented by Kevin Rose, a technology writer and journalist best known for his column for The New York Times.

The whole series focuses on how the internet has changed our lives so dramatically, I won't burn you more about this podcast, but I definitely recommend listening to it.

You can listen to all eight episodes in just 4 hours, so I encourage you to listen to it in one long session.

Finally, I hope you like the English podcast nominations that I have made for you, and I invite you to share with us other English podcasts you are listening to in the comments box below.

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