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10 mistakes every youtuber should avoid (obstacles to your success)

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 YouTube is one of the largest, if not the most important, video content sites on the Internet. It is visited by more than 122 million users around the world on a daily basis.

Therefore, it is natural for content makers to make it an arena for competition in all fields. Competing for ideas for the content provided, competing for the quality of this content, and also competing for viewership and engagement, and of course competing to make more profits.

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Despite the intense competition. However, the mistakes of visual content creators are numerous and horrific, and in many cases also stand a great obstacle between the creator of the content and the percentage of its spread, or its acceptance among the YouTube audience.

It is necessary to know that these errors, of all kinds, detract from the importance of the clip and the number of its views. And make it not get enough attention from followers, even if it provides good content.

For this, we are going to present you with a set of the most important mistakes that every YouTuber should avoid; Whether it is a beginner or a professional, and of course we will share with you effective solutions to confront these errors and avoid them.


1. Video clip length

One of the most important questions that occupies YouTubers is the question “What is the appropriate length for the clip I am about to publish?” The truth is that after a quick Google search you will find most of the data shown in front of you specifying you to either 10 minutes, 15 minutes or more. But are these numbers final?

Meaning that more or less than that is not an appropriate clip and will not be popular or popular? The answer is of course no. The biggest proof of this is that most of the music clips do not exceed five minutes, yet they get millions or even billions of views and likes.

Here is a statistic from Statista that shows the ideal length of the clip according to the 7 most important types of videos:

The ideal length of a YouTube video according to the field

We know that the length of time your video has been watched is the most important factor for YouTube ranking today. After it was old, only the number of views is what categorizes any clip. But the quality of the clip and the amount of likes it reaps is another very important factor as well.

The length of a YouTube video depends on two main factors:

a) The nature of the clip's content

The content of a clip is a key factor in determining its duration, meaning that the type of content presented primarily determines the length of the clip.

For example, if we are in front of a 20-minute video of dazzling content of the strangest adventures you have experienced when you visit the Maldives. At the same time, the clip takes into account all the quality standards, and forces people who click on it to watch it until the end.

Or another clip that is only 10 minutes long but has been stretched and stuffed. In other words, it offers content that is boring and lacks attractiveness. Which of the two clips do you expect to get attention and watch? Of course the first section.

b) the audience

The length of the clip depends mainly on the nature of the audience that the clip is intended for. The audience of educational courses or the audience who watches a YouTuber to follow their daily routine, for example, visits this type of clip knowing full well that its length may exceed 30 minutes or more.

But the audience of music or dance parties is impossible to spend that long in front of your clip! And here marketing and studying the target audience well plays a major role in determining the length of the video and making use of it.

Some experts offer a good solution for the sections where you need to provide various data and take time; The solution is to split the segment. If you are going to provide engaging content why not break your channel clips into pieces.

This will increase the audience's interest in your clips and the desire to follow them at a later time, rather than trying to reach the point where they left off during their last viewing, and this process, as we know, takes some time and effort.

2. Youtube video title

“The answer is understood from its title,” a popular proverb that summarizes the importance of choosing an appropriate title for your YouTube clips. Many of the clips did not receive enough attention despite their good content, because the author did not choose the appropriate title.

What are the factors that some YouTubers overlook when choosing a title?

a) the target audience

Once again the audience plays a major role in choosing the title, as a football audience is different from an audience for educational content. The audience for music and the arts in general is also different from the audience for entertainment content. Therefore, we advise you that the title should be appropriate to the nature of the target audience.

You should not write an objective and purely scientific title if you want to promote entertainment content, for example. The target audience will not click on this clip because of its title even if it provides the desired content for them.

b) The title is not related to the content

An infinite number of times you find a clip with a title you were looking for, but as soon as you click on the clip, you are surprised that the content is not linked to the title at all!

For example, the title “Watch the last episode of the most famous series before deleting” and when you open the clip, you discover that it is a still image, or even an episode of a series other than what is mentioned in the title. To make it angry and you close it. is not it?

As we mentioned above, this trick is very bad for getting views, because YouTube has become mainly dependent on its rating on the length of time the visitor has watched your clip.

Some YouTubers can get a large number of clicks, if they prefer to replace the title of the clip with another title that is more attractive and unrelated to it.

But that leads to the loss of trust between you and your audience forever. So make sure that the title is directly related to the content presented in the clip.

c) Omission of the keyword in the title

Keyword is very important in the YouTube algorithm just as it is when writing articles or while blogging

. You should choose the most accurate keyword and add it at the beginning of the section title professionally.

It is the most searched word on YouTube for the topic, and this will help the clip to gain more views, and interest from the target audience.

d) a boring title

After avoiding the previous mistakes, some YouTubers may fall into the trap of a bored or unattractive title. Here we recommend that you use numbers, parentheses, or urgent and ordering sentences such as, you won't believe, don't miss, see what happens.

These things will give the visitor the feeling that they are about to miss something very important if they do not click on your clip. For example, which title is more attractive (Plastic Bottle Phone Experiment) or (Watch What Happened When Trying Plastic Bottle Phone Test!)?

Advice sections should always have numbers in their titles. The numbers give the YouTuber a feeling that the clip contains valuable content to watch! For example (11 amazing weight loss tips you didn't know).

e) The length of the section title

Some clips have titles longer than 60 characters, which is another common error. Characters in excess of this number will disappear upon publication, and will have no value. It may cause people to ignore the clip in the first place. Because they won't waste their time clicking on the clip just to finish reading the title.

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3. Not posting regularly

There is no specific number for the best number of videos published per month on YouTube channels. But success and visibility on the site requires long-term owners, renewable energy, and long-term plans.

As we mentioned earlier, YouTube is a very fierce competitive arena in all areas. So the bored person who is looking forward to quick success. He may find it difficult to reach his goal through YouTube.

A large number of creative content creators are starting to build their channels. Once they face ignoring followers or lack of interaction, their hopes are immediately dashed, and this is mainly reflected in their productivity, which begins to decline gradually until it fades completely.


So it is best to create realistic short and long term goals. Set yourself a long-term goal for the channel and don't forget the purpose of creating it in the first place. Then break this goal down into short goals. Arrange them on a monthly basis to maintain your clip production rate.

Creating a monthly schedule to publish clips is useful for many things. The most important of them helps you not to procrastinate and procrastinate. It also helps to form a good link between you and your followers and creates a state of anticipation for your content among them. You publish at a specific time known to them.

4. Not paying attention to the quality of the clip

One of the most important factors that cause your clips not to get the desired spread is neglecting the quality of the clip in general.

Here are the most important quality elements that you should pay attention to:

a) sound quality

It is a common mistake that many YouTubers make, even those with experience. The content creator is always preoccupied with the quality of the photography, choosing the right locations, choosing the right lighting, choosing the right title. Still, the sound quality is the winning horse that doesn't get much attention.

The way the content is presented is just as important as the content itself. Visitors may be hurt by the poor quality of the audio, which leads them not to complete the clip. So we advise you to use a good microphone until you close this door.

b) image quality

picture quality

In terms of sound quality, poor lighting or poor image quality, especially in content that requires clear vision, is second on this list.

Make sure to shoot with a high-quality camera as much as possible. With good alternatives in case the camera doesn't help you capture the scenes you want.

c) quality content

There are many criteria that can distract you when we talk about the quality of content. But here I will give you a simple rule, or rather a guiding definition of quality content.

Good content: It is the content that meets the user's desire, makes him feel satisfied, and feels a desire to see more content from the same source.

This applies to all types of content; Whether scientific, practical or even entertaining comedy content.

5. Not specifying one direction for the channel

Whoever claims to know everything ends up knowing nothing! Many intellectuals adopt this saying, and in the world of YouTube we find it very successful.

Some channels face failure or poor interaction and lack of interest because the owner did not specify a single specialty. How can a scientific content owner be good at presenting entertaining content at the same time? Or is the owner of the family content familiar with the content of the games? of course not.

Does this mean that the content creator does not have the ability to be good at presenting two types of content? No, there are people with the same degree of experience in a number of fields. What is the solution? It is better to create two separate channels and not one channel with more than one specialty.

Creating a single channel with diverse and wide specializations will not help you build a good audience base, target appropriate keywords, and will not help the audience determine its position towards the channel.

Some clips may fall into the hands of a viewer who is not interested in your specialty. This causes him to establish a negative attitude towards your channel. Although it publishes a variety of topics, he is sure to find some suitable topics for him in it.

Therefore, we recommend that you create a channel for each specialty you are good at, so that you can target the right audience for it. We also advise you to turn to the experts in each field for help.

6. Asking to interact in wrong ways

Most of the YouTubers, both beginners and professional, may be overreacting. Sometimes they ask for likes and subscriptions with great urgency that infuriates the follower, even if he likes it

with content. Some of them may ignore the interaction request from the ground up! In both cases it is wrong.

Content creator must balance request for subscription and likes. Do not continue to insist and pressure on the viewers of the video. When interaction is required, he must be creative and stay away from the imperative.

Which sentence do you prefer (I ask you to press the subscribe button immediately) or (If you like the content presented, we will be very happy to subscribe)? Of course, the most polite, gentle and innovative option is option number 2.

Spam is something that some content creators have devised in order to draw attention to their channels. They are urgent comments to subscribe and like on other channels owned by the most famous YouTubers, and we do not advise you to ask to interact in this way.

The idea is not objectionable, it could actually get you some interest. but how? Interact with the content provided by this YouTuber in your own way. It is possible that your comment will attract some followers rather than a vague like or subscribe to a channel we know nothing about.

One of the interaction methods that YouTubers, whether beginners or professionals, ignore is responding to comments. If your channel is new, ignoring comments and not responding to them is not justified.

These comments are the most effective way to communicate with your potential future audience. Which is expected to increase his sincerity and interest in the channel as long as the bridges of communication with him are extended.

But if the fan base of your channel expanded a bit. The response to all comments will be impossible at times.

So it is better than completely ignoring it is to set aside a set time each day to respond to all the comments and inquiries that you receive, which will carry useful suggestions for developing content as well.

7. Unattractive intro and photo

We assume that you were able to get a click from a browser on YouTube. What prompts this new viewer on the channel to complete the video and thus press to subscribe to your channel?

What prompts this browser to complete the clip is the first 5 to 10 seconds of it. Some YouTubers waste these 10 seconds on long and boring intros even if the content is worth watching. Or in the urgent request to subscribe or follow.

We recommend that you quote the most important part of the clip and play it first in order to grab this browser. Or if you don't want to reveal all your papers, we recommend writing an engaging introduction that is directly related to the content of the passage.

The clip image (Thumbnail) is one of the first and most important factors that help to attract views of your content. Make sure to choose a suitable and attractive image. An attractive image may save you the trouble of searching for a good introduction, as it may do the job.

8. Unoriginal content

One of the things that puts your content at risk and threatens to be deleted is that it is not original. What does the term “non-original content” mean?

Non-original content is content that has been plagiarized or copied from another content creator. In the event that you decide to quote a clip from other original content without permission, you are in this case subject to the immediate deletion of your content by the YouTube administration.

This is not the only punishment you are expected to face. If you repeat this 3 times or more, your channel will be permanently deleted from the site! What if you want to quote and feel that your content may look incomplete if you don't use this external plugin?

You should tell the owner directly, in a politely written letter, about your desire to use some of their content, and about the context in which you will use it.

Plus, you should expect the original owner to get a portion of your clip's earnings if it's a hit. The value of these profits shall be determined by agreement between you.

These terms may seem a bit unfair, but it's much better than running the risk of getting the clip or channel deleted.

How do I protect my rights as a YouTuber?

The past case was about how to source from other content creators without the risk. But what if I'm the owner of the original content and I want to keep it?

Every original content posted on YouTube has a term called “Content ID.” It is a system that YouTube operates to preserve property rights.

If you post completely original content without quotes. You must upload the original files that YouTube requests when uploading the clip. These files guarantee your ownership rights to them.

YouTube has a huge database of these original files. But its algorithms notify you when someone tries to quote any clip of your Content ID.

9. Ignore social media marketing

Marketing your YouTube videos through your social media sites is the heart of the video marketing process in general.

Some YouTubers ignore social media marketing and end up with clips that don't get a good viewership. It is one of the most common mistakes that many content creators make.

Facebook has nearly three billion users around the world. Instagram has more than one billion and 300 million users. The same applies to Twitter, Tik Tok, Snapchat and other social networking sites.

Just promoting YouTube videos on YouTube only deprives you of benefiting from these billion numbers. Which may cause your YouTube viewership numbers to rise unexpectedly.

Recognize and connect with a diverse audience. It would also guarantee you constant suggestions for channel development. And honest comments about the errors that your content contains, which will help you in the future to avoid them.

10. Ignore Buying Views

Well you have avoided all the previous mistakes. You created a channel that provides valuable and engaging content. I provided good titles, and I took good care of marketing the clips on the websites

To socialize while maintaining good interaction with your followers.

But still something is missing, I'm not getting the required views and attention. is not it? What is the last mistake I should avoid?

YouTube's algorithm may not serve some content creators properly, and here there is only one thing left, and that is to buy views. Don't ignore this solution, and don't underestimate its impact on your channel.

Although some do not recommend this solution due to the scams that are carried out through it from untrusted sites. However, we highly recommend it to counteract the stagnation in your channel, but with several important criteria in mind:

1. It doesn't make sense for Waleed's content to have over 100,000 views overnight. This may cause YouTube to blacklist your channel, and your purchase of views may seem obvious to everyone.

At the beginning of the purchase process, we recommend that you limit yourself to 1,000 views, for example, and then gradually add more to them.

2. If you are confident in the quality of your content, why not buy engagement instead of views? View-buying sites can sell you comments and likes from real followers.

We recommend you to try this as it gets views faster for valuable content and also puts your clip higher in search.

3. Deal with reputable websites, even if their prices are a little higher than others. Stay away from sites that sell you bots of followers and interactors.

You need real interaction, so we offer you some good options, who have a medium and a lot of experience buying views and interaction.

4. Contact the site support service to ensure that they are able to sell you targeted views (both in terms of interest and geography). This is a very important point.

a) famoid: A trusted site for buying views and engagement on YouTube. Also, its price packages start from only $13 per 1000 views that we recommend.

b) MediaMister: One of the cheapest sites to buy views. The price for 1000 views is only $8. It also includes sections to buy likes and interaction on all other social media sites.

Make sure that buying views is absolutely legal. There is nothing in YouTube's terms and conditions to prevent this. Unless you have contracted with unreliable sites that sell you fake accounts. Here you may find yourself in danger.

The possibility that you will get original views after purchasing the views is very present, but it just depends on how good and attractive the content you provide.

In the end, if you think that YouTube is your broad gateway to achieving your dreams of building a successful brand. Make sure that you are familiar with the mistakes that can hinder your progress. I also learned the best ways to avoid it. Now you know very well what you will encounter in the world of YouTube.

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