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How to Create a Minimum Viable Product - MVP (Practical Guide)

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 Let me introduce you to a friend of mine, who had an app idea that he thought would be very impressive, and thought it would make him rich if he implemented it.

He worked on this idea for several months, hired several professionals, and ended up paying thousands of dollars and finally finished the app.

He was overjoyed when his app was ready, and after he rolled it out and paid more for advertising and marketing campaigns, the unexpected happened.

My friend didn't get even a cent of the profits he expected, and in fact this great app - just in his mind - didn't impress the users at all and didn't encourage them in any way to pay any money in it.

Scary and bad scenario, isn't it? You definitely don't want to face the same fate, so you'll have to figure out how to create an MVP.


In this article we will give you everything you need to know about creating a minimalist product for your project; From the definition of the MVP to its purpose, benefits and practical steps to create it.

You will find all this and more in this article, so prepare your cup of coffee, grab a paper and a pen, and keep reading.

What is a minimum product?

MVP or Minimum Viable Product, and may also be called: Prototype, Minimum Viable Product, Minimum Product, Smallest Valuable Product, and other names of the same meaning; It is the product that contains the least number of features or functions that you can present to the audience.

Where instead of building your entire product, application, or website to start launching it in the market and knowing what customers think of it and how they will receive it. You can build this prototype from it and spend less money, time and effort on it and see through it the demand of customers for it and whether they like it and interact with it or not.

The biggest and most important goal of creating a minimal product lies in testing the market and determining whether the product will succeed or not, in order to be left and move to another project in the event that it is a losing card for its owners and developers.

Creating a minimal product is very popular, as many of the big companies like: Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Airbnb and others started out as MVP.

But the minimal product that is created must be of sufficient utility and value for customers to use and attractive enough to early adopters and investors, as well as include within it a mechanism for evaluation and giving feedback and reviews by its users.

Benefits of creating a minimalist product

There are a lot of benefits that you will gain by creating an MVP, and on top of them are:

You will enter the market in no time and you will know whether you will succeed in advance or not.

If this is a new market you will gain a competitive advantage, which is that you are the first and the Market Maker.

It will allow you to do some experimentation and see what customers like and dislike.

You won't need to spend as much money as you would with the full product, but you will pay a small portion of the expected cost.

You will be able to solve the various problems that you will encounter beforehand.

You will be able to get a lot of customers in the beginning before you launch your full product.

It will provide you with a lot of reviews and comments from customers, which will help you evaluate your ideas, correct your mistakes and develop your product.

And while we're talking about this point, I should definitely mention that you can increase those benefits by using one of the companies that specialize in creating a minimal product.

For example, there are a lot of benefits of using ScienceSoft to create a minimalist product, which is a professional American company and has helped a lot of companies in the Middle East and around the world.

For example, this company does all the process of creating the MVP for you, and this is by a full team of specialists that includes - at least - 3 programmers in various technical fields, a project manager, a UI designer, a UX designer, a quality control engineer and a business analyst.

These expert companies, such as ScienceSoft, have decades of experience in the field, and have created thousands of corporate minimum products.

In general and in short, creating an MVP will help you test the market you will enter, know what customers think of your product, and identify a lot of problems early.

This will help you avoid the tragic fate of the 90% of startups that fail, of which 20% fail in their first year, according to Failory.

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Minimum product creation steps

If you want to create your own minimal product yourself, we will provide all the steps that you may need, namely:


Step one: do a full search

The first and undoubtedly the most important step is to do market research in order to understand it, its needs and its nature.

You will have to understand the different products in your niche, define your target audience and have a good understanding of their most important pain points and what they are looking for.

You also have to do research on competitors in order to understand them and know their strengths and weaknesses, in order to overcome them later.

This step will help you identify the main features or characteristics that you must include in your minimum product.

This step will also help you not to fall into the most dangerous mistake that fails companies and products, which, according to CB Insights, is that there is no need for them in the market.

Step 2: Determine the characteristics of your minimalist product

At this stage or step you will have to define the basic idea of ​​your minimalist product and settle on it.

Mostly, it will depend on what features you set for the product and rank them according to the priorities you learned in step one.

Choose the characteristics that have the highest priority that will help your product, and will have the greatest impact on the audience you are targeting.

and can As using one of the models used in order of priorities, such as the Moscow model MoSCoW.

So that you can divide the characteristics into:

Must-haves features that you should keep in mind while creating your minimalist product.

Should-haves features that are important but don't necessarily go into creating your bottom line.

Properties that could be in your product Could-haves, these are properties you can put in your final product and not your bottom line product.

Features that your product won't have, and those you shouldn't pay attention to.

Third Step: Select the type of minimum product you will create

There are many types of MVP, among which you should choose the one that best suits you depending on the nature of your product, the nature of the audience you are going to target, and your larger goal of creating your own minimum product.

Among the most popular and widely used types are:

1. Landing page MVP: Using landing pages in order to find out how much customers are interested in your product, using an actual product as opposed to The Fake Door, which is one of the most used in the world of entrepreneurship.

2. Single Feature MVP: Through it, you can test your customers' response to this single feature that you focused on in your product.

3. Wizard of Oz MVP: You do the work for the product completely manually with the customer feeling that the whole process is automated and automated.

4. E-Mail Campaign MVP: By having an e-mail list of some customers, through which you can know the extent of interest in your product or the new feature that you offer.

5. Concierge MVP: You implement what you are supposed to do through the product, but you do it humanly before the product is fully developed, such as: you write lists for it manually, and it is used to measure the extent of customer interest in the product.

6. Pre-order MVP: Helps you attract subscription funds and investments early.

7. Marketing Campaign MVP: Helps you discover who the ideal customer segment for your product is and how you can market and target them.


8. The Fake Door: Through it, you can discover the extent of customers' interest in your product or new features without any actual application of it.

Step Four: Launch Your Minimum Product

At this point you will actually launch your MVP, which despite being a prototype should either fill a need in the client or get rid of something that was causing him pain point.

Before you launch the MVP you should also define its KPIs, so that you can judge whether it failed or succeeded.

These performance indicators differ according to each product and the other, and according to the desired goals and expected to be measured. The most popular KPIs that are used are:

Email Sign-Ups number of times.


Percentage of Active User Percentage.


CAC customer acquisition cost.

Clients Appraisals.

Customer lifetime value CLV.

By following these performance standards, you will be able to judge whether your bottom line product has failed or succeeded.

Step 5: Create your bottom line product, measure its performance, and learn

Now it's your turn to actually create your bottom line product, launch it to market, measure and track the KPIs you've defined, and judge its performance.

Instead of creating it yourself, you can commission a company that specializes in building it and have it delivered to you ready-made.

This stage or step is one of the most difficult stages you will go through, as you will see the extent of customer interest and response to your product.

Determine the appropriate time period for your product - for example, two or three months - and evaluate the performance of this product, and based on this performance, make your appropriate decision as we will explain in the next step.

Step Six: Evaluate your product and make the right decision about it

The final step in creating a minimum viable product is to make an overall assessment of your product and whether it is a success or failure, and accordingly you will decide whether to keep this MVP and develop it into a full product or you will Pivot and focus on another problem faced by users and try solve it.

Whether the outcome is positive or negative at this point is an outcome that you should be proud of, as it will guide you on the right path.

Even if your product fails, this will prevent you from losing a lot of time and money on it, developing it completely, and then failing, a worse case scenario, right?

This is the most important reason to create a minimalist product for your project, in order to practically test whether it is a success or a failure.


Creating a minimal product is inevitable, it is difficult to predict whether or not your product will survive and succeed in today's competitive market.

An MVP will allow you to take the pulse of the market, help you see if customers are interested in your product or not, and generally tell you whether your product will succeed or fail.

That is why it is essential that you create a minimal product for your idea and project, launch it into the market and see the results it will achieve.

At the end of our conversation, we hope that you liked the article, and we encourage you to write to us in the comments below your opinions and inquiries and we will respond to them as soon as possible.

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How to create your own cryptocurrency (it's not too difficult)


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Creating your own digital currency is no longer difficult at all, today anyone on the Internet can do it in one form or another with ease and with very little costs.

In this article, we will review the different ways in which you will be able to create your digital currency, and we will mention the disadvantages and advantages of each method to make it easier for you to choose among them.

Whether you want to create this currency for your project, to facilitate your transactions on the Internet, or even for fun and learning, this article is specially written with love for you.

How to create your own digital currency

There are 4 basic methods that will help you create your digital currency, and these methods differ among themselves in terms of costs, advantages, and disadvantages.

We will review them all for you in this article, but we will list them from the most easy to the least easy as follows:


The first method: hiring a specialist or a cryptocurrency development company

This is the easiest and best way in my opinion, which I highly recommend you to follow if you want to create your own digital currency.

You will not need to worry about any technical issues related to your digital currency, and there will always be an expert or specialist at your side to help you make the right decisions.

One of the best companies in this field on the Internet is ScienceSoft, a cryptocurrency development company.

This company helps you to create your own digital currency, blockchain or smart contracts according to your specific needs and requirements.

As for our topic of concern, the company provides you with the creation of your digital currency in one of these three ways:

Creating your own digital currency on the blockchain already exists.

Modify the code for an existing blockchain and create your own digital currency with it.

Create your own blockchain and create your own digital currency through it.

These are the remaining three methods that we will discuss below.

And about the advantages of this method of creating your digital currency:

You won't need to worry about any of the technical or legal issues.

Safe and sure method and there will be no possibility of errors.

You will have complete freedom to choose how you create your digital currency.

There are many payment methods and systems for these companies.

You will have experts that you can ask and consult on all technical and legal matters.

The easiest and safest way to create your own digital currency.

As for the disadvantages of the method:

You will need to pay this company.

This method may not be the fastest among the others.

Method 2: Create digital currency on an existing blockchain

This method ranks second in terms of ease, and it is one of the most popular and popular on the Internet and in the world of cryptocurrency.

Creating your digital currency on an existing blockchain that is already equipped to receive digital currencies will save you a lot of time, effort and money.

Among the most famous blockchains through which digital currencies are created are: Ethereum, Binance, and others.

You will not need to create your own blockchain, you will not have to worry about a lot of technical and legal issues, and you can complete the process of creating your digital currency in a few hours or even in some cases minutes.

There are many courses online now that explain how you can do this at the lowest cost and in the fastest time, and many of them are free and even on YouTube.

The only difference between this method and the other methods that we will talk about in the article is that your digital currency will be classified as a token, and what is the difference between Native Coin and the token will be explained in this article and in the Frequently Asked Questions section at the end of the article.

About the advantages of this method:

The fastest way to create your own digital currency.

The cheapest method ever and will not cost you much money.

You won't have to worry about a lot of technical and legal issues.

There is not a high probability of any errors occurring during the build process.

You don't need to program or code your own blockchain.

A very safe way to create your own digital currency.

This method will gain your currency a lot of credibility and value because it is based on a trusted blockchain.

As for the disadvantages of the method:

You will not have complete freedom to allocate your digital currency.

Your digital currency will be classified as a token.

Method 3: Modifying the code for an existing blockchain

Fortunately, most of the existing blockchains are open source, meaning anyone can access and download their code.

This allows you to customize it according to your needs and vision, and access the features you want for your digital currency without having to build your own blockchain from scratch.

Therefore, this method is one of the most important methods used by those who want some freedom and control, but do not have the technical or financial ability to create their own blockchain.

About the advantages of this method:

This method allows for some freedom and control.

Relatively easy compared to creating your own blockchain.

It is faster than creating your own blockchain.

Your digital currency will be Native Coin and not a Token.

As for the disadvantages of the method:

You will need to have technical skills or to hire someone with technical expertise to do it for you.

You will need a legal professional to consult about your new digital currency.

Method 4: Create your own blockchain

And now with the last method in our article which is the most difficult of all, but nonetheless the method that gives you the most freedom and control in creating your digital currency.

In this method, you will need to have a lot of technical experience or even if you are going to assign a technical expert, you will need to have technical knowledge, and in all cases you will have to spend the most effort, time and perhaps money compared to other methods.

About the advantages of this method:

You will have absolute freedom to do whatever you want and be the master of everything and small.

Your digital currency will be rated on the basis of being original Native Coin.

This method will allow you to expand and grow more than other methods.

As for the disadvantages of the method:

You will need significant technical experience or knowledge.

You may have to hire a professional which will cost you some money.

The most time and effort consuming way to create your own digital currency.

The code for the entire blockchain on which the currency is based will be written.

You will need a legal professional to consult about your new digital currency.

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Frequently asked questions about creating your own digital currency

1. Can I create my own digital currency?

Yes, you or anyone on the Internet can certainly create your own digital currency, and this is through one of the four methods that we mentioned during the article.

The best method varies from person to person according to the technical skills and experience that he has, in addition to the nature of his need for this process and the budget that he can allocate to it.

2. How do I create my own cryptocurrency?

There are four basic ways in which you can create your digital currency, and we have reviewed them in the article, which are:

Contracting with a specialist or a digital currency development company in order to create your digital currency.

Creating a digital currency on the blockchain already exists.

The modification to the code for the blockchain is already in place.

Create your own blockchain.

3. What is the best way to create my own cryptocurrency?

The best way to create a cryptocurrency is to hire a specialist or cryptocurrency development company to create your cryptocurrency.

One of the best companies on the market today is ScienceSoft, a technology company for digital currency development services.

This is for several reasons, foremost of which is her great experience in the field of technology and her work with many major companies in the world, such as: NASA, Saudi Aramco, Nestlé, IBM, and other major companies in the world.

The company provides you with advisory and cryptocurrency development services that allow you to create your own cryptocurrency through one of these methods:

Creating a digital currency on the blockchain already exists.

The modification to the code for the blockchain is already in place.

Create your own blockchain.

The company allows you to use all possible blockchain work systems and programming languages, in addition to being the holder of several strong certifications in the field of technology, such as: ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

4. How much will it cost me to create my cryptocurrency?

The cost of creating your digital currency is highly variable depending on how you will create it, and in most cases it can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars or tens of thousands.

5. What is the difference between Native Coins and Tokens?

The main difference lies in the blockchain on which the currencies are built and the degree of control over them. The original Native Coins are based on a new and own blockchain and provide a much greater degree of freedom and control.


Whereas, tokens are built on a pre-existing blockchain and give a lower degree of freedom and control even though they provide security, credibility and value too much to be used as a trusted blockchain.

Creating tokens is much faster and far less expensive than having to create a blockchain system or modify an existing one in order to create Native Coins.

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There are many ways in which you can create your digital currency, and each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages that we have reviewed throughout the article.

The four methods that we talked about in the article are:

Contracting with a specialist or a digital currency development company in order to create your digital currency.

Creating a digital currency on the blockchain already exists.

The modification to the code for the blockchain is already in place.

Create your own blockchain.

A person’s choice of the best way to generate their digital currency depends on their skills, technical expertise, budget, and the characteristics they want their currency to have.

We would also like to note the need to review the legal aspect of the country in which you live, before any step in the way of developing your own digital currency.

We hope that the article was useful and you liked it, and if you have any questions regarding creating your own digital currency, ask us in the comments and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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making money Guide from CPA(from Zero to First $1000)


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There are many, many ways to profit from the Internet, and they differ according to the difficulty, return, and skills you need. In this course, we will review the profit from CPA, which is one of the most profitable areas in the world of e-marketing and profit from the Internet.

CPA marketing is a type of marketing that falls under the umbrella of affiliate marketing, and it is very popular and used abroad, especially in America, Canada, Australia and Europe, and its profits can reach thousands and tens of thousands of dollars per day.

We were very interested in the winners to prepare this course, because the Arabic content in this field is very scarce and does not fulfill its right, and in most cases it does not help beginners to enter the field and start profiting from it.

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Best English Podcasts (18 Podcasts You Must follow)


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In our world today there are at least 2.7 million podcasts with over 126 million episodes. The numbers are staggering, aren't they?

Podcasts are one of the most promising forms of content these days, which are competing with other forms of content such as books, articles, and others.

Despite the delay in podcast programs in the Arab world, they are very popular and interest in the United States and Europe.

They - especially the English podcasts - are very useful and rich with information and experience, and they also fit our fast-paced daily lifestyle that leaves us with little room for learning like in the past.

You can listen and benefit from podcasts while on the move, while you are doing the dishes, or during any other routine activity, which is why many people - including me - listen to it extensively and become addicted to it.


And in this article I will present to you the best English podcasts that I listen to regularly, and which I think you will like.

1. TED Talks Daily podcast

If you love Ted Talks like I do, and enjoy the huge variety of knowledge and experiences that are offered in it, then you will definitely love this podcast.

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8 ways to make money from social media followers you should use


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Ways to make money from the Internet are becoming more and more diverse day by day, some of them are difficult and others require some effort and simple planning. Profiting from social media followers is one of the easiest ways to profit from the Internet because it does not require great planning and costs are relatively simple.

Most of the ways to make money from the Internet require taking some steps and in more than one direction to succeed in achieving a financial return. The matter is different with the profit from social media followers, because the profit that we will talk about today does not need more than having interactive followers and publishing for them.

In this article, we introduce you to several different ways in which you can profit from your followers on social media.

Make money from social media followers

No one can do without social media or social media at the present time, there are those who use it to communicate, and there are those who use it to profit with some intelligence and a simple effort.

It does not matter what platform you have a large number of followers on, as you can profit from literally all social media platforms, you may wonder why it seems so easy? In fact, it is not easy as much as it depends on one principle to profit from any platform, which is the number of followers.


The formula for profit from social media is simple and can be summarized in the following form:

A large number of interactive followers on the social media platform + good content or product = buying or interacting and making a profit.

Do not worry if it seems a little vague to you, because we will explain it in a simpler way in the next lines.

8 ways to earn money from social media followers

In the following lines, we will show you the best and easiest ways that you can follow to make money from your available social media followers.

1. Selling finished products

I know pages and people who sell their products through pages on social media sites without owning a store on the ground. In fact, selling through these platforms is one of the excellent economic ideas for selling products in general.

Advantages of selling products on social media sites:

Easily reach a large number of clients.

The possibility of targeting different age segments and classes of customers.

The ability to communicate with customers easily and respond to their inquiries quickly.

The cost of selling and marketing through social media sites is significantly lower than its counterparts on the ground.

Let's say you have products in your home and you have a large number of followers on social media sites, why don't you show them these products? Selling through social media sites exempts you from the cost of renting (or buying) a store on the ground and the associated logistics services.

The idea of ​​profiting from social media followers by selling products to them has two ways:

Buy products and then collect followers and sell to them.

Gather a decent number of followers first and then find products that they can buy from you.

You are free to follow either of the two previous methods, but it is important to pay attention to the disadvantages and advantages of each method.

Buying the product before collecting followers may contain some economic risks, such as buying a product that you do not know whether you will be able to sell it or not? However, this method will guide you in determining the type of followers you want to attract to your page.

Buying the product before all your followers will also help you create focused content that matches and promotes existing products.

Building followers before buying products has less economic risks, but it may bring some followers who are not interested in buying your products.

2. Make money from selling products with commission marketing

Not everyone who has a large number of followers has the ability to buy products and then sell them for his own account. Fortunately, you can profit from social media followers by marketing products that you do not own or what is known as profit from commission marketing.

Profiting from affiliate marketing requires two basic elements, the link to the product to be marketed, and the audience you will be marketing to. Since you have followers on one of the social media platforms, we can say that you have come halfway through the journey of profit from affiliate marketing.

What you need to earn from your followers in this way is to choose a product or group of products that fit the following factors:


A) A product that fits the nature of your page or account on social media platforms

Do you provide scientific or academic content? Selling products related to this field such as practical books will be most suitable for you.

This rule is broken by many celebrities on social media platforms because they have a huge number of followers. In general, your followers share most of your opinions and ideas and are attracted by the content you provide to them. The more compatible the product is with this content, the greater their demand for it.

b) A product that fits your follower category

Followers interested in the field of car oils, for example, will be excited to try the type that you recommend in this field. The category factor is also linked to the economic factor. What are the economic limits of your followers? What is their purchasing power?

Answering the previous questions is easy to know by asking your followers themselves, whether in the form of a survey or through a live broadcast.

3. Make money from Sponsorship

There are companies that are always looking for popular pages and channels on social media sites to contract with them to market their products. Profiting by sponsoring videos or publications is simple and clear.

The company that owns the product or products contracts with the owner of the channel or page to provide financial support in exchange for promoting a specific product or several products. The sponsorship may consist in sending the desired product to be marketed, while giving the owner of the channel or page complete freedom to review and display it.

Product sponsorships have a variety of images and strategies, especially when done in the form of a video clip, but they are often one of the following:

Sponsorship by sending only the product itself and making a special video to review it.

Sponsorship by sending the product, but marketing for it is in the form of an advertisement made by the owner of the channel or page within one of the clips.

Sponsorship by paying part or all of the production costs of a particular video, with a portion allotted To promote the product.

Sponsorship by paying for the production of a product review video with a free sample product for review.

Note: In the case of sending the product for review, the company that owns the product often requires that the product be returned to it after reviewing it. This condition does not apply to personal and cosmetic care products.

4. An ambassador for several specific products

Profiting from social media followers by being an ambassador for certain products is a method that many social media celebrities rely on. Some specialize in advertising for a specific category of products, such as technical products, but the most famous field is the field of cosmetics.

A product ambassador is not obligated to promote products of one brand but rather a group of products belonging to a different number of brands.

Profit through this method is often in the style of commission marketing, but in a different way, it may include one of the following methods:

Earn through an affiliate link.

Profit through a percentage of sales that came from the promoter’s page on one of the social media outlets.

Profit through a set of coupons granted by the company to the promoter to provide to his followers, provided that he receives profits from their purchases.

Profit is a special discount on a group of products offered by the company to be obtained by the promoter.

Profit by obtaining a product or group of products from the company for free

Profit by obtaining a certain amount that is not related to purchases.

5. A brand ambassador

In contrast to the product ambassador, the one brand ambassador promotes most of the products of this brand only, most of the one brand ambassadors are artists and public figures on social media sites.

Profit from social media followers by working as an ambassador for a brand is often not done traditionally or repeatedly, sometimes the profit comes from a certain amount paid when promoting a new product for the brand, or sums that are paid periodically in exchange for the promotion of several products.

Sometimes the ways in which the brand ambassador on social media earns are similar to the ambassador of various products, the profit in these two ways is due to several factors such as the number of followers, the field of products and the fame of the owner of the page itself.

6. Make money through ads for followers

The idea of ​​profiting from social media followers by displaying ads to them is easy and can be implemented almost automatically.

No one uses social media sites. He did not see an ad while watching a video or even browsing the news section. The easiest way to show ads to your followers and profit from them is while they watch the videos on your page.

Most social media platforms have programs to profit from advertisements, but the conditions for joining them differ from one platform to another. There are platforms that require your page to have a certain number of followers, and others require a certain number of viewing hours.

Depending on the platform you are using, you can join the ad impression program, the terms of which are often understandable and clear. YouTube requires that your channel have a certain number of subscribers and a certain number of watch hours to join its profit program.


Unfortunately, as the owner of a page or channel, you do not have complete control over the ads that the platform displays on your videos, but you can block certain categories of ads.

7. Make money through Paid promotion

Having a large number of followers on your page attracts the attention of major companies that want to promote their products.

Suppose you have a page interested in technical news with a huge number of interactive followers, these followers are the target audience for a huge number of companies specialized in this field.

The company asks you to promote one of its products by publishing written content or a video clip on your page in exchange for a payment. Followers are informed that this post falls under the category of paid advertisements by the owner of the page or channel.


The Facebook platform allows placing the word Paid promotion or paid advertising on posts belonging to this category, this measure is aimed at adding more transparency to the content of the page.

Profiting from social media followers through paid advertising is a non-periodic profit, companies resort to following this method whenever they have a new product that they provide promotion on social media platforms.

8. Make money by selling the page or channel

Another and easiest way to profit from social media followers is to sell your page or channel to someone else for a sum of money, there are those who collect followers on their channel or page specifically to sell it later.

There are small companies (and sometimes individuals) who want to be on social media platforms and get followers quickly. The process of spreading and getting followers in its traditional way may take a lot of time and effort, even if the company uses sponsored ads.

To get followers quickly, a company buys a page or has a large number of followers or subscribers. After the purchase, the company changes the name of the page and its content to suit its field.

This method of being on social media may not be professional and its damage is more than its advantages, but to clarify this needs another article, it is enough for us only to know that it is one of the ways to profit from social media followers.

People who sell their pages or channels fall into two types:

People who do this on a regular basis and are skilled at creating Pages, collecting followers, and then selling them.

People selling their pages and channels for personal reasons such as needing money or withdrawing from social media platforms.

In the next section of the article, we will introduce you to the easiest ways to profit from social media followers of the most famous platforms in this field.

The easiest way to profit from social for the 4 most popular platforms

1. What is the easiest way to profit from Facebook?

There are several ways to profit from followers on Facebook, and most of them are uncomplicated and highly profitable, but the easiest way to profit from this platform is through To watch the ads that the platform displays to your followers while they watch the videos you publish, i.e. the so-called profit from Facebook videos.

Other profit methods from Facebook, such as selling or marketing products and profiting from them on a commission system, may need some research and steps, but the profit from ads is done automatically and does not require much intervention from the owner of the page.

If you are interested in learning about other profit methods that Facebook provides, we recommend that you check out our special guide in this field.

2. What is the easiest way to profit from Instagram?

Profiting through affiliate marketing is the easiest way to profit from Instagram followers, but it depends mainly on the content, besides the content, of course, it is preferable that your account on Instagram has a large number of followers.

You can use this guide to write successful Instagram content that helps you market products and services on Instagram.

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3. What is the easiest way to earn from Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is an excellent platform in the field of profit from followers. Most of the ways to profit from Tik Tok are through marketing products, whether to others to obtain a commission or marketing products to the owners of the same pages.

Profit by creating an account on Tik Tok and collecting followers is an indirect way to profit from the platform, but it is an easy way.

4. What is the easiest way to earn from YouTube?

Between affiliate marketing and sponsorship programs, there are a huge number of ways you can earn from YouTube.

Personally, I consider YouTube ads the easiest way to profit from this platform, especially for beginners in this field. The conditions for joining the YouTube Ads program are easy and requires nothing more than some diligence and continuity in publishing videos and promoting your channel on it.

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In this article, we tried to collect the best ways to make money from social media followers. If you notice, you will find that most methods accept the application on a different number of social media platforms, which makes your mastery of one of them a key to make money on various of these platforms.

Do you know other ways to earn from social media followers? Did you implement one of these methods? Share your experience and your opinion on these methods in the comments.

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Telegram marketing guide and how to use it to achieve your goals

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 Telegram marketing is one of the most important methods of e-marketing due to the huge capabilities that this application provides.

It is true that Telegram is an application dedicated to sending and receiving messages, but it can be used in other areas, as some carry out sales on Telegram or use it to market content, interact with potential customers, and many other things.

Telegram app provides a large number of features and tools to its users which makes it an excellent tool for online marketing. In this article, we explain to you the advantages of telegram marketing and the steps that you must take to start making optimal use of it.

Telegram Marketing

Telegram marketing is one of the cheapest online marketing methods as it is completely free. It is true that you may need to pay some money sometimes to publish your channel or group on it, but it does not require you to pay a subscription for the tools it offers, like some other applications.

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Advantages of telegram marketing

Other than the cheap cost of its use, Telegram provides several excellent features as a social networking application or e-marketing method, such as:


1. Unlimited Storage

All your messages and files on Telegram are stored in the cloud storage method on the servers of the application itself, in other words, you will not be limited to a specific storage space while using the application, as is the case with the WhatsApp application, for example.

Unlimited storage space enables you to store all your telegram marketing files without having to give them up to add new files, and it also allows you to send high-quality pictures or marketing clips to your customers without being restricted to a specific space.

Note: Telegram allows sending files up to 2 GB in size per file, a feature that is not available in most similar applications, and it is expected that Telegram will support sending larger files in the future.

2. You can access your messages on Telegram from any device

Your files on Telegram are stored on the application servers, which enables you to access them through any device, all you have to do is log into your account on Telegram from the new device to be able to access all your files.

Internet marketers often rely on a certain number of messages and files to market their products and services. The ability to access these files from anywhere without the need to download or save them to a backup storage unit facilitates the process of marketing through Telegram.

3. The ability to send files and photos in their original quality

Telegram allows you to send multimedia files such as photos and videos in their original quality. The files of the marketing process on Telegram are often huge in their initial forms, and here you can use Telegram to save these files. The presence of these files on demand facilitates the process of accessing them and modifying them later according to the marketing objectives.

Social media platforms such as Facebook reduce the quality of files uploaded to them to reduce the amount of data sent, and this does not happen with Telegram.

Telegram gives you the option to send files in their original quality or compress them to save data consumption. Having both options in sending files gives marketers more freedom in dealing with their files on Telegram and sending the appropriate quality to each category of customers.

4. You can send any file through Telegram

Most social media programs and platforms support sending a certain number of files, or specifically file formats and extensions. The Telegram application enables you to send any file you want, whatever its extension or category. Add the unlimited storage feature to the feature of sending any file and you will get a giant cloud storage space for free.

5. The ability to create a chatbot or chatbot

Most chatting and communication programs provide automatic reply tools, but what Telegram provides is an automated chatting program that works with artificial intelligence. The chatbot saves a lot of time and effort in the Telegram marketing process.

6. The ability to add a large number of people to your group on Telegram

The Telegram application enables you to add 200,000 individuals in one communication channel, a number that most other communication applications do not allow. This feature is suitable for marketers who communicate with a large number of customers and prefer to communicate through one application.

7. The ability to add an unlimited number of people to your channel on Telegram

Telegram allows you to add an unlimited number of subscribers to your channel. Telegram channels are very similar to YouTube channels. We will refer to the difference between the group and the channel on Telegram and the advantages of each later in the article.

8. The ability to communicate with users without having to know their numbers

The Telegram application enables you to communicate with users without the need to know their personal phone numbers, this is a necessary feature in the field of Telegram marketing.

Communication through the username protects the data of the e-marketer, as it does not force the customer to add the communication data.

Telegram marketing steps

Like any electronic marketing method, telegram marketing is a process that needs planning and arrangement.

1. Set your goal

To fully benefit from any e-marketing method, you must specify your goal of using it. Telegram can help you achieve a large number of marketing goals, and you can even rely on it to increase your sales.

Some of the goals you can achieve through Telegram are:

a) Increase the number of visitors to your site

You can use Telegram to alert your visitors of important events and news on your site. You can use Telegram to be an alternative to the traditional email newsletter.

E-mails are still an effective way to bring in website visitors, but their ability to alert the user is limited compared to for telegram. The latter provides better features in terms of display on mobile devices and multiple options in terms of user alerting method.

b) Provide strong customer service

If you have an online store or a website that offers certain services, you can rely on Telegram as a quick way to communicate with your customers.

Telegram provides a feature called click-to-chat, this feature allows you to rely on the application as a messaging and communication service. Most of your customers may already have an account on Telegram and by integrating the application on your site, you can turn it into a chat box.

Any website or online store needs a tool that provides a chat box to communicate with customers, which can be costly. You can rely on Telegram as a tool that enables you to communicate with your customers and provide technical support to them efficiently and for free.

c) increase your sales

Telegram will greatly benefit you in informing your customers of the offers and discounts that you have activated on your online store. Make sure that the alert messages are focused on the products that have offers or discounts.

Do not write long sentences in the promotional message for product offers, but you can add a product image and its price before and after the sale. For discounts on product categories, you can add an image for the category with the percentage of discount.

d) Eliminate routine email marketing tasks

You can rely on Telegram to carry out routine marketing tasks that you usually have to do yourself on a regular basis. These tasks may include answering repeated questions, alerting your audience to a specific event at certain intervals of time, or directing new visitors to useful links, for example.

2. Create an account on Telegram

Telegram allows you to create three different types of accounts:

a) Group account

You can add nearly 200 thousand members to the group, this form of account allows members to send all kinds of files. Any member of the group can add a picture, audio file, or video for the rest of the members to see.

You can control group privacy settings to be public or private depending on your marketing goals.

The public group can be searched for and entered by any individual and see the messages in it, the private group cannot be found through the search, and it can only be joined through a special invitation link or manually added by an administrator in it.

b) channel

Telegram channels are designed to communicate with a huge number of members, as there is no limit to the number of members that can be added to the channel.

The channel differs from the group in several points, including:

Only the channel admin can add posts to the channel.

All members are notified when a new post is added.

The channel administrator shows the number of people who viewed each post he added on his Telegram channel.

Telegram provides tools to view user interaction statistics (available on channels with 500+ subscribers).

c) an automated chat box

Remember the point about the routine tasks that Telegram can handle? Yes this is the perfect account to take on those tasks.

The chatbot simulates conversations you can have with customers to answer traditional questions, and you can use it to help customers find specific products they are looking for, or offer specific products based on their questions.

The uses of chatbots are limitless, whether in the field of e-marketing or the field of communication with customers.

Telegram marketing tips

1. Don't post content all the time

Naturally, any marketer would like to alert his customers to what he publishes, but no one likes to be alerted several times a day. Publishing content in abundance leads to many alerts, which may appear your channel in an annoying way to your customers and may force them to turn it into silent mode or exit it.


Try to post on Telegram at different times of the day and in proportion to the times of your customers.

2. Add featured content on your channel or telegram group

Distinctive content in general is the secret of the success of any e-marketer, and of course Telegram marketing is not excluded from it. Make sure that you add unique and attractive content on your channel or your Telegram group.

Your customers' admiration for the content you add to your channel or group on Telegram will lead to the achievement of your marketing goals.

3. Interact online on global forums

Don't think that interaction on global forums like Quora and Reddit is limited to websites and small businesses. There are a large number of giant companies that regularly post their products on Quora and Reddit.

Global forums have a huge number of visitors interested in all fields, which means that your interaction on them is important and necessary. The goal of posting and interacting on these forums is to increase the number of your followers and attract visitors interested in the field of your channel on Telegram.

Posting your telegram channel link on Quora and Reddit should be done carefully and professionally.

You can add your channel on Telegram on Reddit in the same way you used on Quora, add a professional reply to a topic related to your channel field and then add your channel link at the end of the reply to attract visitors to it.

4. Add your telegram channel link in your e-signature

Your e-signature is the last few words you add in your messages or e-posts. The perfect place for your channel link is in your e-signature for emails you send to your customers, or the content you publish on social media platforms.

In general, e-marketers add links to their channels and pages on social media, adding your telegram channel link in your posts and messages, making it easier for your customers to access them instead of searching for them randomly.

5. Create your own chatbot (bot)

Dealing with customers and responding to their inquiries may be a stressful and routine work, especially since customers expect you to respond all the time, here comes the role of the chatbot to help You are responsible for responding to routine inquiries and sending promotional messages about your products.

The idea of ​​creating a chat bot may be intimidating to some because it requires some technical knowledge, do not worry, there are a large number of sites through which you can create your own bot for free and without the need to learn a programming language or go through difficult technical complications.

6. Create both channel and group

A question that may confuse some: Do you create a group or a channel on Telegram?

If you can't decide what to create on Telegram to promote your products or the content you're marketing to, create both.

For example, you can create a channel that publishes only official news and updates for your website or online store, and a group can be used as a medium for users to exchange their questions and problems and help each other.

As for marketing products and offers, the Telegram channel is more suitable for this role than the group. The channel only allows its owner to publish, which ensures that the channel's publications include the most important offers and discounts and do not contain publications from members, as is the case with the group.

Here are the steps for creating a Telegram channel

Note: Some shapes of icons and labels may differ slightly from one operating system to another, but the steps themselves do not differ from any operating system, and the pictures in the explanation below are taken from the Telegram application on the Windows operating system.

a) Click on the tab next to the search box as shown in the following image:

Create a Telegram channel, the first step

b) Choose to create a new channel:

Create a telegram channel, step two

c) In the following image, the Telegram will ask you to specify the following:

Create a telegram channel, step three

Channel name (mandatory)

channel image (optional)

Channel description (optional)

You can start by specifying the name of the channel at the beginning and add the rest of the data later, press create to create the channel after choosing its name.

D) After choosing the name, you will see the option of channel privacy between private or public, and its link. Do not worry, you can modify the privacy to suit you. Then press Save to save your selection and move on to the next step.

Create a telegram channel step four

e) Telegram chooses you between sharing your channel link or inviting your friends on Telegram to the channel, you can add your friends now or skip this step and press Skip to finish creating the channel.

Create a Telegram channel, step five

f) Would you like to modify the channel options? No problem, click on the three dots next to the channel name, as in the following image:

Create a Telegram channel, step six

You can also click on Manage Channel to view and edit channel options

Create a Telegram channel, step seven

In the following image, you will see all your channel data and all available modifications in terms of:

Add image.

Add a description for the channel.

Change privacy settings.

The number of channel administrators.

Link the channel to a group on Telegram.

number of subscribers.

Delete subscribers.

Delete the channel.

Create a telegram channel step eight

Press Save to save the new settings or Cancel to cancel and not make any changes to it.

Creating a group on Telegram is done in the same way as creating a channel, but the step of adding members is mandatory, and it is not possible to create a group without it.

7. Use Telegram to promote other social media links and vice versa

If you have a page on Facebook, Instagram, or even a group on the WhatsApp application, do not hesitate to share the links of these pages on the Telegram from time to time and vice versa as well.

Use the medium that you have the largest number of followers on to publish the link of the method that you have recently started to use. It is useful to be present as an online marketer on more than one means and communication platform.

Some users abandon a communication application every once in a while for various reasons that may be related to the application or its use. To avoid losing some customers due to the lack of popularity of one of the applications or the failure of one of them, it is preferable to rely on more than one application to communicate with them.

Sharing your channel link on Telegram on social media and global forums is a semi-guaranteed way to increase your followers on it.

8. Don't change your channel's content

If you have a channel on Telegram that you use to market certain products, do not suddenly add posts to products belonging to another category. Changing the content of the channel suddenly is a quick way to lose followers, especially if this is done without consulting them.


If you want to post new content or market a new category of products on your telegram channel, the best solution is to create a new channel.

You can promote the new channel through your first channel.

A change in content or product category is a total change such as moving from science content to entertainment content or vice versa.

9. Watch out for updates

Telegram is developing rapidly and gaining new features every day, try to be aware of the features of each update and how they can be exploited. The developers of Telegram are working on developing it to be a reliable application to do all tasks, including, of course, marketing.

Be sure to read the instructions for each update that occurs on the Telegram application to take advantage of it in the best possible way.

10. Use a hashtag

Yes, the Telegram application provides the ability to add a hashtag, such as the one on the Twitter or Facebook platform. You can add a hashtag within your telegram marketing messages to make it easier for your customers and followers to find messages that belong to one topic.

For example, you can add a specific hashtag to distinguish messages about offers on the products you are marketing for, and you can customize another hashtag for general updates and another for new products, and so on.

11. How do I post on Telegram?

Posting on Telegram is very easy, like any social networking platform or application, and its steps are simple, and here are pictures of it:

1. Choose the channel, group or friend you want to share with you Pray with him and click on his icon.

Posting on Telegram is the first step

2. Type your message in the writing space.

Posting on Telegram is the second step

3. Click on the button to add a photo or clip. (optional step)

Posting on Telegram is the third step

4. Click the Submit button.

Posting in Telegram is the fourth step

The channel allows you to notify your subscribers when you add new content with the normal sound of alerts or silently through vibration.

Tips to increase the number of your followers on Telegram

To be able to successfully market through Telegram, you need a large number of followers, and here are some tips that may help you achieve this.

1. Share your channel or group on Telegram with your friends

The easiest way to get first subscribers for a channel is to share the link of your channel or group with your friends. Ask your friends to share the link with their friends and acquaintances and so on, this method will help to get nearly 100 members easily.

You can also manually add your friends on your Telegram account to your channel or group.

2. Ad exchange

Make an advertising exchange with other Telegram channels by exchanging promotional posts with the administrators of other Telegram channels. The goal of the exchange is to familiarize the members of each channel with the content of the other channel and encourage them to subscribe to it.

Ad exchange usually does not cost anything but it may be difficult in the beginning, to implement ad exchange it is preferable to have at least 2000 members on your channel so that the owners and other administrators are interested in promoting their content on your telegram channel.

3. Paid ads

It is okay to use paid advertising campaigns to publish your channel link on Telegram, e-marketing in general relies on advertisements as a primary means of spreading.

Telegram marketing is generally inexpensive, which means that there is room to pay a sum of money to support it and make use of it appropriately.

 Advertising campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook can be relied upon to promote your channel on Telegram. Make sure to define your goal in your advertising campaign and, if possible, use a professional marketer in the field of marketing on social media platforms.

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4. Provide special content to your followers on Telegram

Telegram is an excellent means for content marketing, as it has some advantages that are not found in other means of communication. You can inform your Facebook customers that you are providing new and exclusive content on your Telegram channel.

Choose topics or publications that fit the nature of the telegram and add them to your group or channel on it exclusively, the exclusive content will push your customers and followers to communicate with you via the telegram, which will contribute to the marketing of your products.

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Telegram marketing is a flexible idea because it is based on a flexible application that constantly changes and develops for the better. Do you use Telegram to communicate with your friends or follow channels in specialized fields? We are interested to know your experience of using this application and its features in the comments.

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